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Branches of Chemistry. Life Sciences. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


various braches of chemistry
discussion on what each brach deals with as the brach of chemistry.


Branches of Chemistry.
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Branches of Chemistry.
Chemistry is divided into five branches. The branches include Organic chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physical chemistry. Each of the branches deals with different studies and different fields.
Organic chemistry deals with the study of properties, structures, composition, reactions, and preparation of compounds involving carbon for example hydrocarbon. It also deals with the study of other compounds with elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen, Sulphur, oxygen, halogens, silicon, and phosphorus. This branch initially was limited to a compound produced by living things but now widen to involve man-made substances like plastics. Organic chemistry is applicable in various areas like pharmaceuticals, food, paints, cosmetics, petrochemicals, and explosives.( Pilling, G., & Price, G. 2017).

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