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Food waste on University Campus Research Assignment Paper (Research Paper Sample)


It outlines food waste management in a university

Food waste on University campus
Annotated Bibliography
Zen, I. S., Subramaniam, D., Sulaiman, H., Saleh, A. L., Omar, W., & Salim, M. R. (2016). Institutionalize waste minimization governance towards campus sustainability: A case study of Green Office initiatives in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, 1407-1422. An Institution is a part of the building blocks of the major cities in the world in fact most cities have campuses. The article expounds on the introduction of green offices in the institution and the challenges in trying to curb the problems associated with the food waste from the students’ intake. Furthermore, the study researches on economic, social and environmental impacts due to the food waste.
To achieve the goal they did some food characterization. Whereby based on the common measure of the food characterization that the management did in 2011. Apart from the food waste, the research entails the classification and recycles of the plastic and paper waste.
The article is very relevant in trying to assess the efforts they are putting in place to minimize food waste. Moreover it checks possible means of recycling not only the food waste but also the plastic cans. To a researcher the data obtained is equally important for further study on the topic of food waste in a relevant place or institution.
Browne, J. D., & Murphy, J. D. (2013). Assessment of the resource associated with bio methane from food waste. Applied Energy, 104, 170-177.The article covers city campus University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. The researcher focuses on the canteen waste. The canteen serves more than one thousand students. The paper gives a wide range of the research sample.
The paper focuses on the bio methane production rates and the quality of food in effect of the production. The research includes the bio methane potential tests and he rates the quality of the gas in a scale of (5ml and 0.5ml). The main aim is to establish the usage viability of the methane gas and whether it can be used on cooking or packaged for various uses.
The research is actually significant way of reducing emission of methane gas from the food waste to the environment. Methane gas is actually reactive especially to the ozone layer. Methane gas is therefore an agent of climate change.
Finlay, J., & Massey, J. (2012). Eco-campus: applying the Eco city model to develop green university and college campuses. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 13(2), 150-165.The main purpose of the paper is to argue that the eco-city model developed by Richard Register is a strategic framework in sustainable initiatives for environmental conservation. Food waste comes as part of the wastes focused on the research topic. The paper expounds on the approaches that are needed to keep environment since institutions of the higher learning are diverse and knowledgeable on the topics of specialization. Actually eco-campus outline he provides enables a solidary and concrete guidelines in addressing issues pertaining environment in a higher learning institution.
The research sees to it that there is need to shift from cultural paradigm and develop leaders who can guide and embrace the environmental conservation through research and innovations on solutions and utilization of the daily waste products. The paper is actually important on giving the guideline on the administrational purpose in improving the ecology of the institutions of higher learning
Smyth, D. P., Fredeen, A. L., & Booth, A. L. (2010). Reducing solid waste in higher education: The first step towards ‘greening’a university campus. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 54(11), 1007-1016.The article gears towards resource conservation and recycling mainly in the institutions of higher learning. To get data for that the research was conducted in Prince George campus, University of Northern British Columbia .It views that the solid waste management in campuses is actually the challenging part of much institution if not all due to high population.
Based on statistics the university accumulated 1.2 to 2tonnes of waste per week. To curb such waste needs intervention of each group in the institution be it the administration or the students. The paper advocates the reduction of waste through the minimization, recycling and use of decomposing materials.
The paper is useful in enlightening on the waste production. Moreover it tries to recommend some means of working towards solving the problem using waste reduction, recycling, and use of degradable materials. The paper also creates awareness among the student and administration population.
Curry, N., & Pillay, P. (2012). Biogas prediction and design of a food waste to energy system for the urban environment. Renewable Energy, 41, 200-209.
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