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Week 5 Nursing Theory Comparison Paper Life Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


you are to write rough draft
Your rough draft should include all of the research paper elements of a final draft, which are listed below. This will give you an opportunity for feedback from your instructor before you submit your final draft during week 7.
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Week 5 Nursing Theory Comparison Paper
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Week 5 Nursing Theory Comparison Paper
Nursing care is a profession that advocates outstanding professionalism and collaboration as the process of prevention and maintenance takes place. People become nurses for many reasons, but care is commonly noted amongst the nurses. Scholars have come up with different theories meant to help nurses to provide care. Some of the ideas include the Human Caring Science and Patient-centered approaches. Human caring science and patient-centered theories focus on delivering quality to the patient with the central premise that care is vital in a patient's recovery process. Thus, this paper aims to examine the philosophical underpinnings, assumptions, key concepts, and application of these theories to clinical practice.
Background of the Theories
Human Caring Science is a general theory with a comprehensive framework that provides a broad understanding of the nursing practice. The idea was first present in the early 1990s and published in 1993 (Durgun Ozan & Okumuş, 2017). A decade later, the theory started gaining a practical meaning in nursing practice, nursing economics, and nursing service administration (Durgun Ozan & Okumuş, 2017). Based on the view, nursing scholars have recognized that the specific inquiry methods must be responsive to the kinds of questions that arise from within the discipline.
According to Watson, the human caring theory's primary focus is to prevent illnesses, promote health, and care for the sick to restore health (Clark, 2016). Concisely, the theory dwells on the premise of health promotion as the basis for treating diseases. Therefore, care is central to nursing practice because it promotes better health; only the nurses can provide the nature of the care that patients need. Proper care enhances growth because the care environment accepts a person.
The patient-centered approach is a theory that believes that nursing practice is based on the attitudes, competencies, and technical skills of an individual nurse (Constand et al., 2014). Nurses must demonstrate their ability to assist the patient with their health needs, whether the patient is sick or not. The patient-centered theory of nursing is a product of Abdellah's experiences during her practice as a nurse (Abdellah, 1960). Therefore, the theory stands as a human needs theory meant to help improve nursing education. The theory is most suitable for enhancing the knowledge of practicing nurses (Constand et al., 2014). The theory primarily came up to guide the care of those in healthcare settings; later, the theory gained the favor and became relevant to nursing practice. Thus, the theory presents twenty-one problems that nurses should focus on to take a patient-centered approach.

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