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Accenture: Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


You are Human Resource Manager at Accenture. You need to conduct a meeting in groups
of 4 or 5 to discuss diversity strategies in Accenture. You must plan your meeting and assign
titles and roles to each person in your group.
Areas of discussion:
1. Collect and evaluate quantitative and qualitative diversity data of Accenture and
analyse how current diversity practices matches workplace objectives.
2. How does Accenture foster and promote diversity?
Ensure that you discuss the following:
 Coaching or training that can be provided to others to accept diversity. Every student
to provide advice/guidance to other team member in the meeting on how to
encourage diversity in Accenture for staff and clients.
 Communication strategies that are suitable for diverse clients and employees
 Create workplace practices, resources required and planning in a manner that
promotes the benefits and respect for workplace diversity
 Cultural awareness, cultural safety, inclusivity and cultural competence and its
impact on leadership.

3. Develop workplace diversity policies and procedures for Accenture in line with legal
and ethical consideration.
Ensure that you discuss the following:
 Research and develop a diversity policy in consultation with group members.
 Methods to support diversity strategy to be implemented
 Create evaluate methods of diversity policy and record your findings.


Accenture: Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Analysis
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Accenture: Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Analysis
A. Workplace diversity policies and procedures
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
2.1. The diversity and equity principles of 'Right, Recognition, Opportunity and Inclusion' are to be functional for recruitment, development, retention, and evolution of staff with diverse cultural backgrounds. This directive covers and is not limited to endorsing every staff's respect, recognition, and value at Accenture.
3.1. Selection and Recruitment
3.1.1. In line with the 1984 Equal Opportunity Act, selection and recruitment at this company will aggressively support the engagement of persons from diverse cultural backgrounds. Special measures entail:
(a) Special staffing programs that are government offer incentives for employment, including recruitment campaigns or graduate programs aimed at attracting more women to take part in non-traditional roles; and
(b) Where two candidates have met selection criteria and would all be commended for the position, the chance, in this case, is given to the person from a diverse group.
3.2. Remuneration
3.2.1. The company’s compensation practices will maintain equity between employees with the same tasks.
3.3. Learning and Development
3.3.1. It is the duty of Heads/Managers of Faculties/Departments/Schools/Areas to:
(a) Offer an equal opportunity for all employees to enhance their social and cultural awareness via programs initiated by Accenture.
(b) Indorse opportunities for all employees to access professional growth and other educational opportunities to improve their skills, awareness, and operation knowledge in diverse settings.
(c) Widely promote development and training opportunities to be effortlessly accessed by staff all through the company.
2 The Director, Equity and Corporate Values at Accenture, will be responsible for implementing and monitoring these procedures.
4 These policies apply to all Accenture staff.
Policy Compliance Officer

Dr. Storm Cline

Review Date

2nd Nov 2021

Approval Authority

Director Human Resources

Project Manager

Director, Equity and Corporate Values


Justice & Ethics Equity Committee

B: Report
1.0 Introduction
The globe is increasingly becoming diverse with an increase in the rates of globalization and transport and communication advancements. This dynamic calls for most companies to adjust their conventional operational models to accommodate diversity, both in the work environment and in their target markets (Tariq, 2021). Accenture, which is a global company dealing in a variety of products like consulting and digital technologies, is among the companies that have embraced this form of business model adjustment, creating space for workers in their company regardless of their age, sex, or ethnicity (Assessment Task 2: Case Study, n.d). Despite its recognition by Thomas Reuters, however, as the top company supporting diversity and inclusivity, the company still plans to become better at this. This report examines Accenture's current diversity data and proposes recommendations to make its goals on diversity and inclusivity even better.
1.1 Quantitative and qualitative diversity data and current diversity practices match workplace objectives
Accenture's workplace objectives include 1) Ensuring equal pay for equal tasks and 2) To ensure equal commitment to all the persons that work in the company regardless of gender, physical abilities, sexual orientation, and age (Accenture, 2021). Accenture also has close to 449,000 workers spread across the globe but work under shared values and purpose. These common standards and goals have made all these employees be supported to work as a team despite their cultural, political, economic, and religious beliefs. These current diversity practices are in tandem with Accenture's workplace objectives, like organizing around moments that matter and transforming HR to become focused and responsive (Russo, 2017). This claim is based on the idea that interactions between staff at Accenture are meant to create moments and not division. HR is already responsive to the need to embrace cultural diversity in this modern society.
2.0 Fostering and promoting diversity
2.1 Coaching or training: Training and coaching is one of the principal objectives of Accenture as it has invested more than $935 Million in 2020 alone in such exercises (Assessment Task 2: Case Study, n.d). These exercises can also involve teaching teams and team members’ cultural sensitivity and cultural tolerance. This strategy is critical as some staff is not culturally sensitive because they do not know how to.
2.2 Communication strategies: Accenture recognizes that effective communication is essential in interactions between people of different cultural backgrounds because there is a need for understanding and mutual respect (Accenture, 2021). It is vital that staff can understand that different phrases and words mean differently in different cultures. These communication skills can, for instance, be instilled into Accenture's organizational culture through training.
2.3 Workplace practices

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