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Analysis of Amazon and Siemens-Advanta Leading Change (Research Paper Sample)


There are many different ways to effect change within an organization. Two companies that have done so in recent years are Amazon, which is a tech giant in the online industry and Siemens-Advanta, a company that was started back in 1847 that was built to be a communications company with the advent of the telegraph. They are each successful companies in that they were and have been able to evolve as time has went on. While each company is similar in their success, they are both vastly different with the way that they push their respective organizations forward.


Amazon and Siemens-Advanta Leading Change
Author Note
Amazon and Siemens-Advanta Leading Change
There are many different ways to effect change within an organization. In recent years, the two companies that have done so and put change into practice are Amazon, a tech giant in the online industry, and Siemens-Advanta. This company was developed back in 1847 that was built to be a communication company CNBC (2021) with the advent of the telegraph. They are each successful companies in that they were and have been able to evolve as time has gone on. While each company is similar in their success, they are both vastly different in pushing their respective organization forward. Most establishments today, such as Amazon and Siemens-Advanta, are in an ongoing change as they respond to the rapid speed outside the industrial surrounding, high-tech advancement, as well as local and worldwide economies. This means that in order for an organization to remain competitive, workplace processes, methods, and strategies must constantly evolve and progress to guarantee that employees have a favorable atmosphere in which to offer their best. Change affects your most valuable asset, your employees (Forbes, 2021). The cost of replacing a staff member is high.
Change is inevitable, and is essential measures and care to be taken while conducting the process. Note that it is hard to lose employees all in the name of change. Research shows that 70% of change fails due to negative attitudes enhanced by unproductive management in the firms. Naturally, many managers believe that change is bad, scary since it displaces people from their comfort zone. Generally, change is worth it in the workplace. Management needs to identify the possible areas to amend following specific procedures avoiding diverse effects in the organizations. The two giant online firms serve the world's most significant part; therefore, it is essential to implement strategies that align with the customers' demands and the employees. Determining the effects and people affected is another technique to promote change inside Amazon and Siemens-Advanta. After you've determined exactly what you want to achieve in the organization and why, you'll need to control and understand the influences and repercussions of change at various organizational phases (Spector, 2012). Examine the root of each business unit's problem and how it manifests itself in the organizational structure and in the individual. Surprisingly, this knowledge will serve as a roadmap for where the most training and support will be necessary to mitigate the effects. The information is required in order to train staff how to operate the organization.
Clearly Define the Change and Align it to Business Goals
To determine the modification's aim, it's critical to define the change in terms of Amazon and Siemens-business Advanta's objectives. This component will aid both organizations in defining their visions in terms of their target audiences. Most businesses fail because they ignore this crucial stage, which is one of the factors that articulates the essential transformation. It will also conduct a critical analysis against organizational objectives to ensure that the change will keep the company on track financially, morally, and strategically. Determining the value of change, on the other hand, can be done by asking questions like, "What do we need to change?" Why is it necessary to make this change? Developing a communication strategy is another way to effect change within Amazon and Siemens-Advanta organizations (Siemens-Advanta, 2021). Both organizations need effective communication so that the language barrier should not be a big problem. This effectively improves one's communication skills because, without the talents, many employees will not understand each other, which will bring disunity in the company, making it lower its dignity. Time is always available when developing a communication strategy; it is believed to be useless without it. Understanding how the change will be communicated and how to manage the feedback should be done to develop a clear communication strategy.
Provide Effective Training
Note that update your staff and all workers there will be training on how to cope with the new changes in the organizations. For instance, the customer services process should be pivotal in engaging customers based on the changes. Training can either take the structured form or informal function, enabling the teaching of new skills and knowledge essential in operating efficiently as the change is implemented. It's critical to inform employees during the training session on the behaviors and abilities needed to achieve the desired business outcomes. Also, what techniques of teaching deliverables will be most beneficial in establishing a customer base? Basic training is required for all staff in order for them to grasp how the organization operates. They are expected to develop a good talent that will enable them to run the firm without the assistance of the employers (Spector, 2012). The best feasible scenario is always to teach the skills and understanding needed to govern resourcefully while the change is implemented. What performances and skills are required to obtain business results? These are the main questions to answer in order to achieve practical training. What are the most realistic training delivery methods?
Implement a Support Structure
It is critical to create a supportive system for employees' mental health in order for them to adjust to the changing norms and practices in the workplace. The competition is real, and it's a win-win situation; only the best and highest-quality marketing will succeed. Employees are given emotional and practical assistance as they adjust to the shift, ensuring that they develop the necessary behavioral and technical abilities to meet the company's objectives. Amazon and Siemens-Advanta need to check on the employees' welfare, assessing whether they can deliver the best out of the new changes by mobilizing them and motivating them. Some changes may cause redundancies or restructures; however, it is necessary to provide counseling services to help employees navigate the situation. At times, mentorship or open-door policy with managerial practices can be a start-up of assisting employees in adjusting to changes. Therefore, it is vital to ask questions such as; what kind of support will be most effective? Where is support most needed? ((Denning, 2018). It gives employees the ability to recognize if something is excellent or terrible, so they don't hesitate to fix what's broken in order to develop the organization. Because some changes may result in reshuffles, you should consider offering assistance, such as counseling, to the company's personnel. Mentorship could be established to assist employees in regulating changes to how a position is performed.
Measuring the change process is also an important method for leading a company through transformation. An organization should be established as part of the change management process to extend the business impact of the changes and guarantee that opportunities for continued reinforcement to build proficiencies exist. One of the most effective ways to assess the performance of a change management program is to look at how close you are to achieving the objectives you set during implementation. Even when you were still in the planning stages of your change management, you had a key goal; the question now is how far ahead you are following the implementation. This can assist both the employers and the employees in understanding how to manage the company. It also helps the employers conduct and run the business well, enabling the employees to respect and give much attention to the company (Denning, 2018). You should also assess the efficacy of your change management strategy and keep track of any lessons learnt. Positive and restraining forces help an employer and the employee strives for excellence throughout their work journey. The troops can help one to promote unity and harmony within the company. This. Enables the employees to focus and understand what they want in life. This statement is revealed by Lewis's theory that having restraining forces can push one to achieve what he was dreaming for. Positive change in a company is always the best feeling one can ever imagine. Amazon and Siemens-Advanta bein

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