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Analysis of Nike Management Research Paper Research (Research Paper Sample)


Analysis of Nike


Analysis of Nike
Institutional affiliation
Nike Ethical Issues
Over the past years, Nike has received criticisms because of ethics in its operation in developing countries. In most cases, ethical decision-making among businesses is not only multidimensional but also complicated. Although some of the Nike’s criticisms have been unwarranted and unfair, Asian workers have benefited and it has resulted in the principle that firms should be responsible for subcontractor’s actions. The subcontractors are responsible for the provision of good working environment. The primary concern is the party responsible for the inappropriate behavior after its occurrence Nike-associated factories (Kahle, Boush, & Phelps, 2000). There are those abuse cases that meet specific standards and align with the local laws. Nike has always in the forefront enforcing such standards but they have been less successful. Even though the study does not support or defend the abuses, the majority of them are not the objective of Nike. Contractors and Nike have never denied the past injustices and have sought ways of minimizing them. Considering the enlightened self-interest perspective, it may be sensible for Nike to blame the subcontractors. However, the organization has been taking responsibility for the issues. This perspective is admirable outcome from utilitarian and golden rule perspective.
Currently, Nike subcontractors are not practicing systematic psychological, environmental, or physical abuse against workers in developing countries. Since its pronouncement, Nike has been successful in reducing policy abuse in developing countries. Due to the availability of workers from different parts across the globe, there will be some tension because of interaction of people with each other. One of the primary factors that have exacerbated the problem is the differentiation in culture. For instance, if an organization from Korea supervises a factory in Vietnam for U.S Company, there is a high likelihood of emergence of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Some of the things acceptable in a certain culture may be unacceptable in the others. Cultural patience and understanding is a virtue in the ethical systems. The corporation has made significant improvements on the moral dimension

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