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Impact of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance (Research Paper Sample)


The primary research question for this study is, what is the impact of Transformational Leadership on organizational Performance. IT IS A qualitative research on the Impact of Transformational Leadership on organizational Performance – A Case Study of a Non-Profit Organization in Durham Rural. M


A qualitative research on the Impact of Transformational Leadership on organizational Performance – A Case Study of a Non-Profit Organization in Durham Rural.
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc93419524 \h 3Transformational leadership and Performance PAGEREF _Toc93419525 \h 3Transformational leadership and culture PAGEREF _Toc93419526 \h 3Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc93419527 \h 4Methodology PAGEREF _Toc93419528 \h 5Research Design PAGEREF _Toc93419529 \h 5Data Collection PAGEREF _Toc93419530 \h 5Participants PAGEREF _Toc93419531 \h 6Semi-structured Interview Process PAGEREF _Toc93419532 \h 7Data Analysis PAGEREF _Toc93419533 \h 7Results PAGEREF _Toc93419534 \h 8Thematic Analysis PAGEREF _Toc93419535 \h 8Theme 1: Intellectual stimulation PAGEREF _Toc93419536 \h 8Inspirational Motivation PAGEREF _Toc93419537 \h 9Idealized Influence PAGEREF _Toc93419538 \h 9Individualized consideration PAGEREF _Toc93419539 \h 10Discussion PAGEREF _Toc93419540 \h 10CONCLUSION PAGEREF _Toc93419541 \h 11REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc93419542 \h 13APPENDICES PAGEREF _Toc93419543 \h 15Appendix 1: Interviews PAGEREF _Toc93419544 \h 15
In the contemporary society of institutions, organizations and companies, a considerable question on the impact of transformational leadership has emerged. However, major part of the research has focused on studying the relationship between transformational leadership and the success of an organization (Basias and Pollalis, 2018). An excellent understanding is essential in understanding the role and impacts of transformational leadership on non-profit organizations. Earlier researchers viewed leadership in the aspect of positivist epistemological perspectives and methodological approaches.
Transformational leadership and Performance
Transactional leaders operate within a culture and principles of an organization by following existing rules, procedures and norms (Jackson, 2020). It is identified in the study that a transactional leader can transform the culture by understanding it, realigning it to a new vision, and revising shared assumptions of an organization. Early studies majored in organizational leadership more than management (Jiang, Zhao and Ni, 2017). With increased research, the focus changed to studying leadership behaviour in organizations and workplaces.
The research by (Pasovska 2018) applied the multifactor leadership questionnaire to establish ratings of a transformational leader as being higher in terms of adaptability, levels of mission, consistency and involvement compared to their counterparts who are transactional leaders. This study also identified a high perception of organizational culture among employees who rated their supervisors as high transformational leaders. Furthermore, the study provided a high degree of trust between employees and supervisors associated with transformational leadership.
Rafia (2020) found a positive correlation between transformational leadership and employee involvement. Also, an employee's adaptability is directly related to roles played by transformational leadership. Moreover, employee feedback and employee feedback was positively discovered to correlate with transformational leadership.
Transformational leadership and culture
Manzoor (2019) expressed that the evolvement of an organizational culture reliable with the vision and procedure prompts a successful and cutthroat organization. Leadership and culture are so vital to getting organizations and causing them successfully that we can't bear to be smug with regards to it is possible that one. According to Basias and Pollalis (2018), leaders trying to recharge an organization will hope to make organizational societies that are neighbourly and helpful for inventiveness, critical thinking, hazard taking, also trial and error.
Andersen (2018) embraced that it is an officeholder upon leaders to create the transformational leadership capacity of chiefs at each level to change the social perspectives and convictions of representatives. An organizational culture arises to a great extent founded on its leadership; notwithstanding, the way of life of an organization can likewise influence the rise of the organization's leadership.
Organizational culture is incredibly impacted by its leadership; the way of life of an organization can likewise impact the advancement of its leadership. Andersen (2018) characterized transformational leadership as leaders actuating supporters to represent specific objectives that address the qualities and the inspirations - the needs and needs, the goals and assumptions - of the two managers and employees; the virtuoso of the initiative lies in the way where leaders see and follow up on their own, and their adherents' esteem and inspirations. Transformational leadership raises the degree of both leader 

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