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PUBLIC TRANSIT AND MINORITY EMPLOYMENT (A). Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The paper is a memo.


Memo: Public Transit and Minority Employment (A)
Memo: Public Transit and Minority Employment (A)
TO: Dr. Allison turner
SUBJECT: Public Transit and Minority Employment (A)
Research Question
Can a new transport line help the poor populations in Castro Valley to commute to Dublin/ Pleasanton on a daily basis in search of employment and eventually help reduce poverty levels?
Theories for Interpretation of the Question
Road planning and investment primarily looks at the availability of resources and alternatives ways of using the available land Therefore, various criteria can be used in urban transportation planning for the sake of ensuring optimization of the resource use, and the autonomous expenditure used in developing the transport systems remains beneficial in the long run. According to Troy and Neutze (1969), the following theories can be used to determine solutions to both implicit and explicit questions about transport development initiatives:
Existing Demand Criterion
Based on this criterion, planners insist that there is a prima facie case for the increase in road capacity in case there are delays caused by the volume of motorists and cyclists on the existing roads. The theory also implies that where accidents are rampant at an intersection, road capacity must be increased (Troy & Neutze, 1969). Based on the current case of the BART area having traffic congestion during peak hours, an extension of the system is needed so that the 20 minutes lost are recovered.
Benefit Cost (B-C) Analysis
The B-C criteria implies that congestions must be minimized in most parts of the metropolitan area bearing in mind that small improvements in road network at particular parts of the town on a regular basis may not be very helpful. In this regard, the approach evaluates both the short run and long run effects of expanding the road network in particular sections of the town. Benefits and costs are then matched to see the sections that provide the maximum social benefit in times of saved man hours (Troy & Neutze, 1969). If the B-C analysis criterion is used, then it is not obvious that BART will be expanded. Instead, the C-C analysis recommendations can invoke the need to expand transport facilities in another section of the Oakland Metropolitan transport network.

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