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Operations Management: Moara Salonta Wheat Mill Company (Research Paper Sample)


DISCUSSING the Operations Management of Moara Salonta Wheat Mill Company


Operations Management: Moara Salonta Wheat Mill Company
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Operations Management
Operations management entails those business processes that add value to goods and services by transforming inputs into finished products. The main objective of operation management is maximizing the efficiency of producing goods and services that meets the demands and the needs of the customers. The various operation decisions should aim at impacting the ability of the organization to deliver products and services that adds value to customers both in the short term and in a long time. The role of operation management is formulating strategies that ensure the business organization survives in the long run. Operation management is also critical in determining the direction of other strategic functions like finance and marketing in an organization. Operation management attains its overall success by undergoing through multiple processes, which include initiation and planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closeout.
With these processes, the organization able to balance the constraints of key projects and provides practical decision-making tools throughout the project management tool based on project goals and procedures, stakeholder values, and performance metrics. Effective operation management requires tactics, strategies, and tools that manage the construction and designs of delivery processes and controlling key factors that ensure that the produced goods and services meet the needs and demands of customers. Improving the building quality highly contributes to the reduction of operational costs, provides affordable goods and services to customers, and increases stakeholder’s satisfaction. The delivery of successful operation management can be achieved by implementing management systems aimed at controlling key factors of resources, scope, budget, schedule, quality, and investment (Artaud, 2016).

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