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Application of Brain Cognition Theories. Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I was tasked to apply cognitive theories in the real world.


Application of Brain Cognition Theories
Salgado, Michell Mari Mae
Department, University
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Template Theory
           Template theory can be applied in chess. Chess players that played many games use templates of the moves of their previous matches, or the matching technique, to create an appropriate strategy to match against their opponent playstyle (Gobey & Jackson, 2002, as cited in Sternberg & Sternberg 2012, p. 99).
           The template theory can be applied in QR codes. A QR code (quick response code) is an extension of a traditional barcode system but can store unique pieces of information, including direct links to a specific website, business card, app store downloads, and many more (O'neil, 2015).

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