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Dark Mode on Digital Oral Reading Fluency. Psychology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Because of the new digital learning modalities, the school I was tasked me to create short experimental research about the effects of digital screens on reading fluency. Since the dark mode theme is popular, I tried to differentiate light mode and dark mode on fluency.


Dark Mode on Digital Oral Reading Fluency
Salgado, Michell Mari Mae
Department, University
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Dark Mode on Digital Oral Reading Fluency
Dark-mode or the negative contrast polarity denotes the combination of having lite text, or white-colored, on a dark background, which is usually black. This display uses less light than the traditional black on white background or light-modes that influence visual perception (Budiu et al., n.d.). The dark mode color scheme utilizes a high contrast of colors by inverting the light mode colors of the screen. Recent studies observed the effects of contrast polarity of colors on visual acuity, proofreading, investigating performance for tasks such as quick reading, often with people who interact with mobile phones and attending notifications (Budiu et al., n.d.). For instance, the students, especially on college levels, often use different colors to highlight key ideas on their electronic reading devices, thus changing the background colors of text for quick reading and faster eye-tracking of words.

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