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African Union Mission Forces (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper on African Union Mission Forces in terms of human rights.


African Union Mission Forces
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African Union Mission Forces
The defense force belonging to African Union Mission has committed war crimes coupled with war touching humankind attack toward the innocent civilians. War crimes coupled with war touching humankind they have committed occurred in the form of destructive property, murder, erotic violence and prowling. The procedures undertaken by the African Union mission in Somalia and South Sudan was completed thanks to of its troops failing to safeguard civilians. This was as a result of the clashes concerning prior rebels and government militaries.
The African Union armies is the major cause of the armed conflict within Somalia, which normally collaborate with the state security forces coupled with the akin militaries, and the renowned Islamist well equipped Al-Shabab. Moreover, AUM forces mainly engage with the battle with the Al-Shabab with the sole purpose of gaining political supremacy and have control over the indispensable resources, which consequently result to erotic violence coupled with compulsory ejections of the civilians (Scott, 2015). Thus, AUM forces are solely accountable for the ongoing unselective attack within Mogadishu.
Since the war erupted in South Sudan, reports display terrible actions infringing on human rights. South Sudan inhabitants were targeted by government parties nevertheless the African Union failed to intervene. Failure to intervene led to massive atrocities by the forces on the South Sudan inhabitants, which consequently resulted in the death of numerous innocent citizens as well sexual violence among the young girls and women. The human rights council based in Geneva declared that South Sudan coupled with the corresponding AUM could not safeguard fairness, security and compensation for victims. Moreover, this decision was reached after both of the forces were linked with myriad of atrocities being linked to them. The new provisional government has an obligation to finish violence and to accept to cooperate in the hybrid court. It is evident that the crisis in South Sudan and Somalia is a weighty one. Therefore ethnicity, religious conflicts as well as tribalism are the major roots of human rights crisis where the justice system is not effective. The issues of the South Sudan have degenerated adverse into affecting innocent civilians and children (Fisher, 2016). Many Sudanese citizens have been the subject of the negative effects of the peace keeping mission within their country as the AUM forces who were obligated to bring the violence to halt and consequently accept to cooperate with existing hybrid court have miserably failed. There are myriad of atrocities that have been committed by the African Union Mission forces namely disappearance of the innocent citizens, severe punishments, and Secularization
In a number of cases, innocent citizens tend to be kidnapped by the AUM forces while no reports are printed on these actions. This AUM forces capture citizens in their homes then ill-treat them through tormenting and locking them up (Fisher, 2016). Moreover, the people by the African Union Mission forces were subjected to severe treatment such as rape and sexual ferocity coupled with the murder. Several families in Somalia have reported cases where their family members or loved ones have been confined by the military forces. The human rights seldom take any action on correcting these instances. Countless innocent civilians are normally apprehended by these forces. In such cases, these detainees are usually subjected to torturous punishments where they tend to succumb to their death. Consequently, the victims’ whereabouts are usually not recounted or communicated to the authorities (Scott, 2015). A number of the victims’ families frequently report cases of their missing relatives but their demands have always been disregarded since the human rights body has since been regarded as ineffectual. As a result of this, many civilians tend to lack confidence in the human rights body due to its silence in addressing such issues hence causing the agony of innocent citizens in countries like South Sudan and Somalia. Moreover, the oversight groups of the human right have reported that AUM forces are solely responsible with the numerous cases of people missing because of mere suspicious (Leavitt, 2014). Moreover, the AUM forces lack fundamental parameter of making differentiation amidst the security forces and the corresponding terrorist forces with the affected nations such as Somalia.
Human rights groups have truly failed in helping the community in locating many of their relatives whom the known existing federal authority always claim to have actually released all the detained citizen which we indeed known to have been killed by the AUM forces and no action are taken to curb and end this humiliation. Moreover, the AUM forces have been seen to surpassing the human right groups into reporting their duty deals on the innocent by issuing threats and severe consequences. This has further generated into perpetuation of the acts on the local people.
Regardless of the tough legislative laws put in place in the constitution concerning murder, ban on torture and ill-treatment of people by the AUM forces in operation, these forces insist on indulging in the unlawful practices infringing native citizens’ rights. The human rights bodies have proved to be incompetent and unable to fulfill their duty of defending human rights. The incompetency of the human right groups is directly linked with the threats that the AUM forces and respective governments have been issuing to them (Leavitt, 2014). This has been obviously understood where they have failed to take legal actions against the security forces that typically instill pain and agony on innocent civilians. Several hostages usually experience severe torture by suffering harsh whippings from these forces, which in most cases end up committing murder in their line of duty. There are several mechanisms which are anticipated to limit such predicaments involving defilement of human rights of many citizens both in custody or those in places where they live (Scott, 2015). Nevertheless, certain human rights groups have managed to report few atrocities committed by the AUM forces that is seen to be an eye opener to the massive effort to safeguard the innocent lives and fundamental rights for all the people even to the suspected terrorists.
This particular factor tends to bring about the aspect of religious ideology of a certain people. In this setting, the human rights body normally bases their judgment on individuals centered on their religion, especially the marginalized religion. Owing to this perception of marginalized religions, human rights bodies tend to instill severe penalties and agony of faultless citizens in sections of Sudan and Somalia. Moreover, societal ideology has contributed to agony of innocent citizens whose only fault was to belong to a particular religion which has been overlooked by the human rights body top officials (Fisher, 2016). Human rights bodies controlled by tribal individuals usually contending to be recognized in their individual jurisdiction has resulted to the incompetence of the body. This societal ideology has contributed to agony of innocent citizens whose only fault was to belong to a particular religion which has been overlooked by the human rights body top officials. Human rights bodies regularly influenced by secularization in this contemporary society have surprised many who perceive this act as unsophisticated and obnoxious. Discrimination based on religious ideology has placed several innocent civilians in a situation where they face ruthless forces with not one to answer to their requests or needs. Civilians mainly bore the effect underlying atrocities coupled with the conflicts occurred principally within the civilian population and were perpetuated by the AUM forces. Moreover, the civilians were main target of killing, torture; painful, vicious and demeaning treatment; rape and other erotic and sex based offenses (Leavitt, 2014). The forces have also been accused of undertaking compulsory recruitment of the children, provocation of violence among the citizens, plundering of local and demolition of the

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