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Application of ENTP Personality in My Life (Research Paper Sample)


USE THE PERSONALITY TEST TO DETERMINE YOUR PERSONALITY. AFTER DETERMINING YOUR TYPE, DISCUSS IT IN DETAILS HIGHLIGHTING SOME OF YOUR STREGHTHS AND WEAKNESSES. aLSO, EXPLORE SOME OF THE CAREERS THAT WOULD FIT YOUR PERSONALITY. what do you think are some of the causes of stress? After completing the section, interview your friend or family memeber to determine their personality type. repeat the procedure discussed above.


Personality Research Paper
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Personality Research Paper
Part 1
ENTP Personality
The personality assessment reveals that I possess the ENTP personality. Based on the trait analysis, ENTP personality traits include extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving traits. Extroversion (E) means that I feel energized once I spend time interacting with others. Intuition (I) shows that I have a love for exploring new ideas to get the big picture of an issue or concern (Blutner & Hochnadel, 2010). Thirdly, the thinking (T) trait confirms that I feel inclined to make my decisions grounded on reasoning and logic. In this, I do not strive to make rush decisions that may eventually cause detrimental impacts. The perceiving (P) trait shows that I have a high value for flexibility instead of being organized and planned. As a result, I tend to explore the different dimensions of a matter to make an informed decision. Generally, the ENTP personality could be described as visionary since an individual exhibits a passion for new and innovative ideas. The personality drives a person to get solutions for the complex issues that other people find challenging. Also, these traits drive one to be open-minded to understand the views, principles, and values of the surrounding people.
Application of ENTP Personality in My Life
The ENTP personality resonates with me. In my life, I have always loved to face new challenges that require me to think to get solutions creatively. In my childhood, my parents would always complain because of my stubbornness when solving issues. Normally, I do not like ignoring problems because of the illusion that I cannot handle them. I would spend most of my time while trying to solve one issue despite being discouraged that I would not be successful. The personality has extended to my education life. I am focused on my assignments and strive to conduct thorough research to get the best grades. Furthermore, I like engaging people on varying issues affecting society. Through my interactions with other people, I get an insight into what can be done better to make our society better. For example, I like engaging in political and social discussions to present my views.
Strengths and Limitations of ENTP Personality
The ENTP personality presents me with numerous strengths that impact my life. First, I am fearless when approaching challenges. Unlike other people who may feel to face complex issues, I tend to stand firm, knowing that I will be able to solve the particular concern. I am not afraid of trying new solutions whenever one resolution does not address my concern. In essence, I do not view the ineffective solution as a failure; instead, I perceive it as another opportunity to do things differently and better. I am fearless whenever a person discourages me that I cannot achieve a particular thing. I see the discouragements as a motivation to pursue the opportunity in a critical manner (Owens, 2021). The fearlessness strength is important in my life because I have learned not to postpone things because they are difficult. In school, I would rather sleep late in the night to ensure that I solve a certain challenging topic. Secondly, I have the strength of innovation. I acknowledge that there is always a better way of doing things to accomplish the desired results. Also, I acknowledge that failures are common while trying new ways of doing things. This is because different situations are risky and complex and therefore call for a person to be innovative to get the right solution. Adaptability is another strength that comes with the ENTP personality. I always endeavor to adapt to the varying circumstances and their needs. I am able to improvise strategies to develop creative solutions. Lastly, I feel confident about my talents and skills. I also believe that my ideas can contribute positively towards meeting high expectations. These strengths are important in my life because they motivate me to face different life challenges.
On the other hand, the ENTP personality also has several weaknesses. First, I find myself breaking the set norms to achieve the desired goal. This is a weakness because non-conformity to the rules could make me hurt other people either directly or indirectly. It can also put me at loggerhead with my superiors, particularly at the workplace. They may end up perceiving me as stubborn and one who is difficult to manage (Fretwell et al., 2013). Secondly, I tend to procrastinate while making decisions. Due to the perceiving trait, I prefer to gather more information about an issue instead of making decisions. As a result, I sometimes fail to meet deadlines due to poor time management. Lastly, I am sometimes impractical when setting my objectives. I tend to set up goals that seem unachievable with limited resources.
The ENTP personality is focused on using innovative solutions to challenge problems and enhance efficiency at their workplaces. In most cases, persons with this personality tend to prefer careers that require continuous improvement of their skills and knowledge. I prefer working in careers that present me with the prospect of being creative with the aim of achieving results that seem unattainable. Some of the careers that fit my ENTP personality include; financial analyst, architect, graphic designer, engineering, economist, lawyer, physician, researcher, and psychologist (Owens, 2021). These careers fit my personality because they require one to be innovative when offering solutions. The personality also allows me to overcome the complex challenges associated with these careers.
Causes of Stress
Different daily life situations make me stressed. Some of the events that make me stressful include; moving to a new home, loss of a job, or taking care of a sick loved one. Some emotional problems like guilt, depression, and anxiety also make it stressful. Stress has negative impacts on my life because it makes me unable to effectively perform my daily activities. I sometimes find it difficult to eat or drink. By knowing my personality, I can cope with these stressful situations by interacting more with the right people to share my issues. This would help me gain insight into how I can manage to overcome the situations.
Part 2
INTJ Personality
The interview with my cousin reveals that she has an INTJ personality. Trait analysis of INTJ personality depicts that my cousin has the following traits; introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. The introverted (I) trait shows that she feels energized by time only and not interactions with others (Crellin, 2014).  Intuitive trait (N) indicates that she focuses on obtaining ideas before making decisions. Thirdly, thinking (T) influences her to make decisions grounded on reason and logic. Lastly, the judging (J) trait alludes that she prefers to be organized and planned and does not expect to be flexible.
Application of INTJ Personality in My Cousin’s Life
The INTJ personality resonates with my cousin’s life. Norm

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