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Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success (Research Paper Sample)


Women experience a lot of criticism in their management. Companies prefer men than their female counterparts in management. Men are not only the best managers, even women can make.
Which are these factors that influence women manager's success?
Why are women seen as inferiors?
Can WOMEN make good managers?


Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success
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Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success
Women’s success in managerial positions relies on overcoming different societal, organizational, and individual challenges that impede professional progress. Despite enjoying unprecedented achievements in the corporate world, other women face difficulties, especially in the male-dominated career fields (Longman et al, 2018). The factors that affect women managers’ success include traditional gender roles and expectations, internal organizational culture, and work-life balance.
Traditional gender roles and expectations accrue adverse effects on the progress and success of women managers to date. Some societies maintain outdated beliefs regarding women’s incompetency and inability to achieve advanced career and personal objectives (Diehl & Dzubinski, 2016). Consequently, career-oriented women managers experience resistance from principal male decision-makers in some corporations towards prospects of good performance and promotions. The limitations based on gender-specific expectations also accrue frustrations at workplaces resulting in diminished motivation to achieve set goals. In other cases,

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