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Diversity and Oppression- African American Men (Research Paper Sample)


This assignment will provide students the opportunity for in-depth study in an area of diversity, oppression or social justice of their choice to further develop their practice framework.
Student will choose a topic of interest or relevance to them that relates to an issue of diversity and oppression with a particular group of individuals. Students will conduct extensive research on their chosen topic that displays a deep level of understanding to describe and provide context of the issue. Taking an anti-oppressive standpoint, students will situate the issue within a theorical framework. Lastly, students will consider notions of social justice to address the identified issue within social work practice.
Students will write a paper that is 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (1-inch margins, 12-point font with additional, separate title page and reference page) that follows APA style formatting. The paper must include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed academic references, that do not include assigned course readings. The research paper contributes to 30% of the final grade.
Suggested headings/subheading for this research paper include:
- Introduction – Include research question
- Body:
• Issue of diversity and oppression - A brief introduction to the population or social problem (what is the area of diversity, oppression and social justice issue that impacts the individuals (be specific, name the issue)
o Paint a picture of the population’s experiences – Background information, discuss historical and present factors as well as concepts of power, privilege, discrimination, inequality, etc.
• Anti-Oppressive Theory (situate the issue within a theorical framework)
o Name one theory that is grounded in anti-oppressive practice, give a short explanation of the theory.
o How does the theory define the issue (social constructed, structural, etc.)
o What does the theory suggest is the root cause of the issue?
• Social Justice
o What action needs to be taken to address the root cause of the problem?
(What does the research/theoretical perspective say)
o What is Social Workers role in this?
- Conclusion – Summarize the findings
- Reference Page


Diversity and Oppression- African American Men
African Americans have defied literal and ongoing oppression, especially inequality, ethnic pogroms, and profitable and social problems. These sweats have been made to advocate for a staid and tone-determined life in a popular society that's fair, not just in the United States but also outside the political authority of the United States. In this study, we probe oppression's impact on African American men and the possible results of the problems faced.
Background and History of Oppressed Group
Over two million Black Americans left the pastoral south between the conclusion of the Civil War and the launch of the Great Depression in search of better openings. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, New York, and Indianapolis were among their first destinations. Almost two-thirds of the total population of the African American migration resided in these cities. The racism against Black People did not cease with the Civil War. Since their migration, there has been a problem with poverty among African American males. Wolfe and Dilworth (2015) state that African American males have the greatest poverty levels. In addition, they have high levels of income disparity, which is the leading cause of the high poverty
On the other hand, Black Americans found it difficult to pursue an education during immigration. They tried to learn it by relocating to the North since there were few options. Excellent educational possibilities and broader personal rights were available in this area. In terms of work, Black American males struggled to find excellent positions. Their colour and prejudice against them could have brought it on. They have been doing tasks that are considered to be relatively "low" by society. They have, nevertheless, risen since migrating and gained more excellent employment prospects.
Black American males have also had issues with social interaction. The systematization of oppression significantly impacts the history of that oppression 

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