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Racial Discrimination in Sports (Research Paper Sample)


Racial discrimination in sports has been a persistent issue that has garnered widespread attention in recent years. As athletes from diverse backgrounds participate in various sports at different levels, ranging from amateur to professional, incidents of racial discrimination continue to surface, highlighting the need for greater awareness, action, and change. The paper has to be in APA format and dose not include towards the 15 pages. It has to be on Racial Discrimination in sports you can put your thoughts about how you feel on some of it but just talk about racial discrimination in sports.


Racial Discrimination in Sports
Table of Contents u

Introduction  3

Historical Context  3

Racial Incidents in Sports  5

Racial Discrimination in National Basketball Association (NBA) 6

Discrimination in Football  10

The Impact of Racial Discrimination on Athletes  13

Initiatives to Combat Discrimination in Sports 14

Conclusion  15

References  17
Sports can significantly contribute to developing an inclusive society since they unite millions of people, regardless of gender, age, color, religion, or nation. Integration of settlers and the participation and addition in the society of people who belong to minorities can be helped by sports conditioning that ranges from the original position up to the state position and, indeed, internationally. These activities can include both recreational and competitive forms of the sport. In a nutshell, taking part in and participating in activities related to sports may serve as an excellent platform to promote acceptance of different perspectives, the inclusion of all people, and collective respect, all while combating prejudice, racism, and rejection. The conception of race is predicated on the supposition that introductory outside characteristics that have their origins in biology are linked to further nuanced and complex interior differences similar to a person's prowess in athletics, intellect, or musical gift. In the United States, African Americans face racial discrimination that highlights their perceived societal inferiority. For example, African Americans are not awarded administrative ranks, and the explanations for their sporting superiority are either genetic or sociological. This highlights how African Americans are seen as having a lower societal status.
Historical Context
During the beginning of the 20th century, the great majority of black athletes were barred from taking part in worldwide organized sports and professional events similar to the Olympics. African- Americans were compelled by society to manage their separate leagues and brigades for football, basketball, baseball, and rugby. These leagues and teams were segregated.
Throughout the early 1900s, these independent organizations provided black communities with a significant source of pride and symbolized black people's organizational and entrepreneurial talents. Nevertheless, prejudice still occurred frequently, even though the competition was open to everyone. In 1920, the" National Negro Baseball League" (also known as the" NNL") came to be the first successful black baseball league to be established in the United States.
The National Basketball League(NNL) disbanded in 1931 as a result of fiscal instability, inadequate working and casing circumstances for the league's players, and the public demotions that its players had to endure as a result of their class in the black community. While lynchings were popular in the United States and the Ku Klux Klan incited racial hate, racism was already current and grew increasingly violent. Jack Johnson is frequently cited as the first to break walls for black athletes to compete in mainstream sports. Because of his daring life and numerous connections with different women, he was given the surname" Bad Nigger." In the time 1908, Jack became the first African- American to ever win the heavyweight boxing title on a global level. Many individuals in white and black communities were maddened due to Jack's questionable life choices and his participation in the sports industry. In the end, he was set up shamefaced and sentenced to time served in civil captivity in the United States.
It was not until the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin that black athletes first garnered the considerable attention they deserved from society. This was mainly due to the performances of Jesse Owens and Jack Johnson. The participation of black athletes in sports saw significant advancement in the decades between the two world wars. Indeed, though numerous white liberals had stated their intention to include black athletes in competitions, the bulk of white people still had numerous biases against black athletes. Athletes of African descent started to appear on the sports teams of high seminaries and universities, especially in football and track and field, which led to further progress being achieved in these educational institutions. The sportswriters of the time played an essential part in the fight to end racism in systematized sports by relentlessly criticizing the associations responsible for discriminating against black athletes in various sports.
With the conclusion of the Second World War, actions were taken to lower the obstacles to participation. In certain sports, similar to basketball, trainers and officers made the trouble to guarantee that the maturity of players on the court or field at any one moment was white. This was a delicate task to accomplish, and it was one of the reasons why segregation was difficult to eradicate. African- American athletes like Muhammad Ali, Bill Russell, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos employed their platforms toward the end of the 1960s to advocate for civil rights by laboriously protesting against racial discrimination in society. These protests took place against the social climate of the time. Their conduct motivated numerous people, but they also infuriated the general population. The athletes faced repeated pitfalls in their careers if they continued to speak up for what they believed in. They had no choice but to do so.
By the early 1970s, all leagues in the United States had spoken out against ethical and racial segregation, and the Olympics had become more accessible to challengers worldwide. By the 1990s, players' isolation in sports had been nearly eliminated around the globe. Racial inequality in society was still far from reaching the" end of its history." openings for black men and women outside the playing field have expanded. However, they still need to be treated equally in society as they're on the playing fields and courts.
Racial Incidents in Sports
Discrimination has always been a serious issue on a worldwide scale, but because of the many instances of racial prejudice, it is most noticeable in the United States. The most recent example included a police officer killing George Floyd because he chose the wrong strategy for catching the perpetrator. Despite the regrettable and heartbreaking incident,

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