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Media Influence on False Accusations of African-Americans (Research Paper Sample)


write a research paper of Media Influence on False Accusations of African-Americans Examining the Impact
Media Bias and Misrepresentation
A. Examine the ways in which media outlets contribute to false accusations against African-Americans.
B. Discuss the influence of sensationalism and the distortion of narratives in crime reporting.
C. Analyze the impact of media bias on public perception and the criminal justice system.
Racial Bias in False Accusations
A. Explore statistical evidence showcasing the disproportionate rates of false convictions for African-Americans.
B. Discuss the role of race as a determining factor in the courtroom and the presumption of guilt based on skin color.
C. Present studies highlighting the racial disparities in the application of the death penalty


Normalcy Bias in the News
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Normalcy Bias in the News
The life of African -Americans have been very hard for the past few years here in the United States. Most of the time, African-American individuals are falsely accused of doing something they have not done. Suppose you pay attention to black people's stories. In that case, all have something in common as they will testify that they have been falsely accused of doing something, especially being accused of committing a crime just because they are African-American. Notably, Media has been the key element in facilitating or allowing black people to be seen as criminals. Media presenters know how to twist stories and focus on such news to make headlines that attract people's attention. For the past few years, media house has been reported for accusing black people falsely as they make news without a supportive audience since they depend on people's opinion. That being the case, normalcy bias in the news exists because Media creates a cohesive room for such cases to penetrate. Therefore, this research aims to examine how media influences or contributes to the false accusation of black people while focusing on presenting crimes through media.
Many cases here in the United States from black Americans are allegedly reported as false accusations when you hear from the witnesses that are contrary different from the news. From a perspective of false accusation, Black people are seven times more likely to be wrongly convicted for murder than white people. According to (Wise, 2022), the race could be the most significant element that depends on who is innocent in front of a court of law. You will find that many African-Americans are innocent but spent more time in prison before being exonerated. In the case of murder judge, many black people are convicted as the prime suspects just because of their skin tone. Statistically, black people who are accused of murders are approximately 50% more like to be innocent compared to other murderers.
According to the world report, African-Americans have been wrongly convicted and falsely accused, most of whom are from wrongful bias. Here is a story of a man called Levon "Bo" Jones, who was convicted of murder and spent 14 years in prison before exoneration to prove the death sentence for a crime he did not commit. He was allegedly charged with the murder of a white "bootlegger" known 

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