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Using ArcGIS Pro to Quantify the Change of Land Covered by Fire (Research Paper Sample)


How can you use GIS analysis (ArcGIS Pro) to quantify the change of land covers by fire, the extent and how much in statistical numbers? Please do not be broad with reply.
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ArcGIS Pro Wildlife
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ArcGIS Pro Wildlife
ArcGIS Pro is a full-featured desktop GIS application with a professional look and feel. It’s easy to build 2D maps and 3D scenes with ArcGIS Pro, and you can publish your work to ArcGIS Online or a company-specific site. Thanks to its development, GIS is a powerful instrument for managing and resolving emergency management plans. I would use a geographic information system (GIS) to gather, store, collect, retrieve, manipulate, analyze, and display spatial data. (Khamidov et al., 2020) This technology can achieve a wide range of applications in both macro and micro sizes. Therefore, it would help me make better decisions basing my geographic knowledge. In the assessment mentioned above of damage following a disaster, for example.
This GIS Spatial Analyst and multi-criteria analysis model represents the research area’s forest fire danger. Zone maps are developed for each criterion as part of the calculating process. Grey Relativity Analysis weights were created using these three components, which were then multiplied by the factors and combined. Grey Relativity Analysis it is planned to use historical fire

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