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Artificial Intelligence In Military Technology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MILITARY is the main topic here hailing from the increased terrorism issue in the globe.


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Artificial Intelligence in Military
In this paper, there shall have insightful discussion on the integration of the Artificial intelligence with an example of its use in the military docket. In the current warring activities, there has had a call for in-depth research on technology and invention of newer weaponry and intelligence with intents of curbing and countering all attacks. An example of the newest trend is the Turkish Defense industry which is currently almost ready to unleash an artificial Intelligence system of defense to better handle terrorism and evade the daily attacks with ease CITATION Bri101 \l 1033 (Marcathy, 2010). This is one of the many measures taken by the world countries in attempts of evading future attacks. The use of unmanned vehicles usually called the drones whether in the commercial or the military sector has been the bone of contentions with claims of its violations of human rights. Such weaponry which can either be in the air, under water may theoretically incorporate artificial Intelligence making them capable of executing attacks on their own. This debate has many stakeholders on the topic whereby some are for the benefits while others are on the negating effects brought about by the AI. Handed the complexity of this issue, there ought to have a definition of the term Artificial Intelligence. There does not exist any agreed definition even among the computer geeks on the definition of AI thus a general one inherently infers to a machine/device that selects and engages targets without much control of the human. In this paper, my position is agreeing a 100 percentile on the use of AI by the military with the sole purpose being the endangered human life from many angles inclusive of terrorism, and ambush attacks by enemies.
Thinking of the robots
An automated system is one whereby a computer makes its reasoning by a clear if, then else rule structure with no determination insinuating that in each input, there shall have similar output or result CITATION Dee14 \l 1033 (Smitch, 2014). Conversely, an autonomous system infers to one with the resonating logic that relies on the probability of a given set of inputs meaning that it guesses on the best possible course of action on its own. This is only possible if it has sensor data input. Different from other automated systems, when same-handed behavior each time, instead, there shall have production of various ranges of behavior.
There is a sequence followed by the human intelligence which is different from that of a robot. Human reasons for perceptions-cognition and later actions. Simply, this means that human perceives something within their environs, think about it, and later after weighing on the options, act CITATION Bri101 \l 1033 (Marcathy, 2010). Artificial intelligence is built by a human with the same concept with it processing after sensing the world near it, coming with a choice of action after thoroughly optimizing and verifying the needed algorithms.
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is the new trend in the military all courtesy of the good deeds by the technology. One advantage of the AI is a defense to a country's citizens from attacks. If there had improvisation of detective devices, the 11th September bomb attack in the United States of America would not have occurred CITATION Dee14 \l 1033 (Smitch, 2014). The current use of drone can detect an attack from a far distance and through zooming, it is easy to have the weapon destroyed immediately or redirected and have retaliation moves. An example of the need for Artificial Intelligence is the North Korean launch of nuclear weaponry whereby none knows of the target and the timing. Here, Artificial Intelligence can be of much use by ensuring destruction of the weaponry in case it is launched. On the same issue, Artificial Intelligence can help with the help of the world nations come up with plans to halt the intents of rival countries by secretly ousting leaders with world attacks and later aligning them in International Courts hence liable for their actions. Artificial Intelligence can aid in bringing about protection on the cyber security CITATION Bri101 \l 1033 (Marcathy, 2010). This is one issue on the rise with an example of the United States' mug of elections thus the best use of AI can assist in protecting databases of infrastructural facilities particular establishments of nuclear plants.
Secondly, use of Artificial Intelligence in the military is a cost-cutting method in the military docket whereby there is few military personnel used who are replaced by the robots. Since the robots have higher intelligence in their build-up, it is easy to replace them with staff hence redirecting the expenditures used in payments and allowances to other developments of the nation. In a report from U.N, use of robots instead of armies in the peace keeping mission has been seen to have a reduction in expense by about $2,000,000 CITATION Bri101 \l 1033 (Marcathy, 2010).
Thirdly, use of robots in any task makes work easy. In the military sector, there needs much personnel to handle various arsenals. This calls for deployment of vast number of staff. Fortunately, the invention of Artificial intelligence has positively impacted on the military docket whereby one robot has multiple weapons; guns, bombs and is a vehicle on its own thus ease of warring activity.
The future of Artificial Intelligence
The military engineers are the ones bearing the future of the AI since they have the capacities to designing autonomous systems ...
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