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The Impact of Big Data on Supply Chain Operations (Research Paper Sample)


The effect of huge information on store network tasks is far-reaching. Big data technologies can be used to transform the way businesses operate, understand customers, and design processes and products. Data-driven decision-making has the potential to transform supply chain operations in the ways we do business. Now more than ever, we need to rethink our approach to getting data to help us run our supply chains better. Big data can help manufacturers manage supply chains more effectively. In our two decades of experience, we have improved supply chain performance using big data analytics and multiple data sources


The Impact of Big Data on Supply Chain Operations
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The effect of huge information on supply chain tasks is a significant theme in the supply chain industry. As data becomes an increasingly more significant part of the store network, a big question for supply chain managers is what do they do with all this data? In this paper, we focus on the role big data has played in supply chain operations in the past, where it has impacted the supply chain design process, and then look at how it is affecting the supply chain design process today and into the foreseeable future. We conclude by discussing the future of big data and store network procedures.
               Big data enables store network operations to be faster, more efficient, and even more personalized. In today’s supply chain, the challenge is to use big statistics analytics to help companies improve their store network management capabilities. We will use different YouTube videos by Mattison (2013) and ISCM (2019) to illustrate how big data is being used in supply chain operations today. For the effectiveness of this illustration, different scholarly sources will be used to provide a better understanding and context for big facts in store chain operations.
               In his presentation, Mattison D. (2013) discusses the impact of big data on store network operations. Big data analytics used for supply network management has evolved to the point where it is being utilized to augment traditional supply chain management. Mattison, D. (2013). The supply chain is the most dynamic part of any business. Data analytics is being used to improve the way manufacturers manage the processes and products they purchase and deliver. In turn, supply chain managers are using data to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations. Data is used to identify opportunities and gaps, which can then be addressed through proactive strategies in the stream network.
               The vast information revolution has improved the efficiency of stock chain operations as much as it has changed how we approach the supply chain. The more fluid the supply chain becomes, the more difficult it is for companies to manage it. It has resulted in many companies being forced to adopt a data-driven approach, whereby all the most significant aspects of supply chain operations are now considered. Instead of relying solely on the traditional methods of information gathering, the big data revolution has brought a new level of insight to the supply chain.
               On the other hand, the second video involves “The Impact of Technology & Big Data in Your Supply Chain,” presented by the ISCM panel. The panel discussion was moderated by Robert G. Fisher, a supply chain expert with a long history of providing direct advice to businesses. The panel was comprised of executives from several companies who, among other things, discussed their most significant take-aways from the experience of using Big Data technologies to analyze their store network processes and the impact of this knowledge on their business.
               According to ISCM's (2019) panel discussion, big data is the information that is usually kept by one or more organizations, particularly businesses,

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