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Internet of Things (IoT) (Research Paper Sample)


Conduct research and write a paper on either mobile technologies or the Internet of Things (IoT). In your paper, address the following:
 Briefly define the technology (collaborative technologies or IoT technologies).
 How and why are organizations applying this technology? Identify and describe one real-world example.
 What are the benefits of the technology to organizations? For example, does the technology reduce costs?
 How does the technology benefit the organization’s internal and external users?
 What are some challenges or potential problems of the technology to the organization?
 In your opinion, do the benefits outweigh these concerns? Explain.

Your well-written report should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages. Use  APA style guidelines, citing at least two references as appropriate. Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.


Internet of Things
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Internet of Things Technology
The modern era of smart technologies is a representation of the ubiquitous computing of web 0.3, or the internet of things (Kumar,, 2019, p. 63). Even though IoT is not the first technology under web 0.3, it has an extraordinary ability to influence how people live and work by dictating that the things they interact with every day, send and receive signals to and from each other, to exchange data about almost everything (Pollard,, 2018, p. 141). IoT amasses data from millions of data sensors ingrained in everything from cars and refrigerators to space capsules. Technology has demonstrated its significance in both the monetary and industrial growth of a developing region.
Despite the numerous advantages that IoT provides, its involvement in different facets of human lives makes it complex, thus giving rise to various issues and challenges. These issues become a challenge for developers in the advanced smart technology society (Pollard, et. al, 2018, p. 141). In a bid to demystify the concept of IoT, this paper demonstrates how and why organizations utilize IoT by identifying a real-world example, and explaining the benefits of the technology to both the organization, the internal and external users. Additionally, the paper will also look at the challenges or the potential problems of the technology to the organization, and finally give an opinion on whether the benefits outweigh these concerns.
Why Organizations Use IoT: The Case of Aramco
The internet of things is a fast-paced technology that is projected to reach 

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