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Future Challenges for Healthcare (Research Paper Sample)


Identify some of the FUTURE CHALLENGES FOR HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Chicago citation 2pages


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Before 1960, communicable diseases such as smallpox or tuberculosis were the most fatal diseases in the whole world, and also they had been causing long lasting disability in a large number. There has been improvement in sanitation and water over time, which has led to change in the diseases impacts. There was evolution from communicable to non-communicable illnesses. According to research, pneumonia is carrying the highest disease affliction followed by diarrhea and illnesses of the newborn.
The World Health Organization (WHO), foretells that by, 2020, the conditions causing the highest worldwide illness problem will be heart disease; tailed by severe depression, road accidents, stroke and continuing lung disease.
There are two highlighted factors with regard to the illnesses predictable to have the highest impact on worldwide health in the immediate future: they are most importantly preventable and chronic. As compared to the past, where poverty has been a main factor related with prevalence of illness, currently the data shows that social and economic growth does not assure gains in global health. Chronic disease is prevalent in 40% of the people, in US today, with roughly 100 million US citizens suffering from not less than one chronic illness.
With many people having a long life and the percentage of individuals suffering from chronic disease increasing, this is a high humanitarian challenge, with life quality compromised for a higher percentage of the population. This will have a bigger impact on the continually rising cost of healthcare. In united State, a third of the healthcare cost is for patients suffering from chronic disease, with most of these patients either disabled, or elderly.
There has been Analyzation of Stress as the major cause of many illnesses. The world experiences stress epidemic, from overstrained, time-pressured lifestyle, to worst environment with always uncertainty and conflicts.
According to WHO, the greatest worldwide disease challenge by 2020, stress will be the contributing factor. There is a vibrant medical connection between stroke, heart disease and stress, as well as depression. Even road accidents, have been to some extent, related to stress.
The effect of stress developed from areas torture by civilian, and military conflict has not been studied deeply.
Specialist are in agreement that these reactions leave no doubt about the power if the mind-body connection...
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