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Atomic bombs of hiroshima and Nagasaki History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Write on the impact of teh atomic bomb of hiroshima and nagasaki


The early onset of the 20th century was a period that was marred by many conflicts. These conflicts can be traced back to the 19th century and can be deemed to have “spilt’ over into the new century. Such occurrence was a phenomenon as people are always expecting change at the turn of every year. One of the most significant conflicts of the 20th century was the American-Japanese war that ended due to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The incidents that led to the nuclear bombing of Japan can be traced back to the first world war. In 1945, the American bombers dropped their payload, which significantly destroyed the Japanese attack and inspired them to surrender. Over the years, the altercation between the Japanese and the Americans has been subject to debate. The continuous discussion has raised both positive and adverse commentary with each arguing their standpoint. The supporters of the bombing asserted that it was a significant cause of action that led to the pausing the carnage that was around the world. On the contrary, the argument is that the atomic bombing was an unnecessary action that led to the death of many, while others were severely affected by radiation. Each of the cases is valid and is heavily dependent on the point of view. It is therefore paramount to identify that despite the damage and loss of life, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing was a necessary step to stop the war, which ultimately saved many more lives. Therefore, through this article, the significance of the atomic bombing in war shall be discussed.
Reasons for creating the Atomic Bombs
The creation of atomic bombs can be attributed to a scientific breakthrough that occurred a few years before the drop in Nagasaki. According to Gosling (2010, pg.1), the road to Nagasaki begun in 1919 when Rutherford had a significant breakthrough in electron chemistry. Gosling (2010, pg.3) showed that the advance caused a spiral of events that led to the discovery of the fission by Hahn and Strassman. The developments late got the attention they needed from the government and other institutions that wanted to harness the power of radioactive material. Due to this, it is identifiable that the main reason for the creation of the atomic content was for scientific use since they could provide a steady source of the much-needed energy for the American population. Thus, the first use of fission materials was a necessary tool that could power the growing demand for the united states.

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