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Sino-US Relations History Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


the task was about the SINO-US RELATIONS with regard to the main beneficiary between the United States and China. This sample addresses this issue.


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As a result of globalization, no country in the world can politically and economically survive without partnering with other global players. Both the United States (US) and China, the world’s economic powers, have established mutual relationships despite their being some tensions, primarily due to the rise of the Chinese nation. Essentially, the Sino-US relations are based on shared ideologies, global governance needs, geopolitical interest, economic interdependence, and security commitments. Contipelli and Picciau reiterate that China has already passed the self-isolation period and ideological foreign policy to become a critical global player through its pragmatic, economic-based strategies. Additionally, the US has shown commitment to the partnership, which it believes will benefit its economic vibrancy and global peace agenda. Some of the major benefits the two countries reap from their strong partnership in modern history include the exploitation of huge markets, the sale of high-value products and services, generation of job opportunities, and most importantly, the creation of a peaceful environment for growth and development among others. However, despite the relations being mutual, it is unclear on whether or not one of the two partners benefits more than the other.[. Oliver Turner, "Sino-US Relations Then and Now: Discourse, Images, Policy." Political Perspectives 5, no. 3 (2011): 28.] [. Ernani Contipelli and Simona Picciau, "China’s Global Order: a New Paradigm in South to South Relations." Croatian International Relations Review 21, no. 73 (2015): 90.]

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