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History on slavery Research Paper Coursework Essay (Research Paper Sample)


History on slavery


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For about one and half century, slavery tared in west Africa became a gold crush providing labor for the region of Caribbean. Different tradition of moral conflict was established on the account of slavery where those supporting slave trade considered it as a technique of administration as if they were transporting other animals. William Snelgrave in his book ‘The Slaves Mutiny’ showed his experience as a captain transporting solves making a suggestion that slaves were criminals in Africa and taking them away is rescuing the continent. He provided the measures that should be considered in avoiding mutiny. Alexander Falconbridge was also a captain of a slaver describing the practices under which slaves were being sold through ‘scramble’, where the buyers were grabbing the slaves as many as they can within a short period of time. 1He showed some of the tricks applied by the sellers such as passing the sick slaves as healthy. The essay makes use of the articles to describe the challenges African burgonet during trans-Atlantic trade as they were considered the major commodity of the trade in Africa.[Kelley, Sean. "Scrambling for slaves: Captive sales in colonial South Carolina." Slavery & Abolition 34, no. 1 (2013): 1-21.]
Account of the Slave Trade was written by Alexander Falconbridge covering the trade when the first African captives were acquired along the coast of Africa up to the time Africans were sold in the West Indies as slaves. It was written in 1788. The intended audiences were Africans, Latin Americans and Europeans.[Ibid., 2]

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