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Rogerian Analysis and Argument (Research Paper Sample)


Research paper on Rogerian Analysis & Argument


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Rogerian Analysis & Argument
Recycling is a controversial topic, despite gaining increased acceptance worldwide. The recycling process entails reconverting old products to something reusable. Environmentalists advocate for the need to dispose of trash appropriately all over the planet. Besides, recycling firms offer employment to jobless people around the globe hence contributing to global economic success. A section of the population questions the significance of recycling in addressing the various environmental problems associated with the careless disposal of garbage. Besides, recycling programs consume a significant percentage of a region’s budget hence undermining its effectiveness in conserving the environment. Reports indicate a considerable trade-off between new and recycled goods, making the public question its effectiveness in enhancing the sustainability of the human race. Therefore, recycling the global population has mixed perceptions about recycling despite its prolonged use as a waste management strategy.[Rogoff and David, The future of recycling in the United States, p. 181-183] [Wang, Advances in recycling and utilization of agricultural wastes in China, p. 12-17]
A section of environmentalists argues that recycling contaminates the environment further. Critics maintain that converting wastes to usable products is a zero-sum initiative. The residues that result from the recycling process get back to the environment hence undermining the efforts of the environmental conservatives, who desire to promote the sustainability of the situation. Consequently, the entrusted environmentalists spend extra resources on managing the wastes let back to the environment. Therefore, it is correct to conclude that recycling is not a cost-effective environmental conservation project. The United States’ government delay in investing in recycling firms because of the economic setbacks associated with the initiatives. The economic recession experienced in the United States some years back, for instance, forces the regional government to prioritize specific projects over the other. Different environmental conservation strategies other than recycling are preferable because of the unfortunate financial and ecological issues associated with recycling. Therefore, critics argue that recycling influences the global economy negatively, putting in mind the availability of limited resources to facilitate specific procedures.[Wang, Advances in recycling and utilization of agricultural wastes in China, p. 12-17]

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