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How Imputation of Adam’s Sin, Atonement and Redemption Impact Infant Salvation (Research Paper Sample)


A research on insant salvation. to achieve this, i arranged the paper as follows. statement of the problem, inputation of adams sin, method of atonement, application of redemption, historical review of proposed solutions (Roman catholic church, reformed solution, and lutheran church). pErtinent scripture passages on infant salvation, theology for infant salvation (total depravation, divine election, regeneration, correlation) to develop the theology, the paper defines the issue of infants dying in infancy and solutions submitted throughout the christian church.


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Salvation for children who die is a common belief of the church, of different theology and of mankind, despite the lack of fundamental agreement as to the reason of such surmise. Nevertheless, such conclusion is an insufficient comfort for theologians, pastors and parents. The paper examines how imputation of Adam’s sin, atonement and redemption impact infant salvation. Further, the paper reviews historically proposed solutions to infant salvation. Notably, the paper considers the Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church and Reformed Perspective, including Calvinist and Arminian solutions. Importantly, the paper supports the Calvinist perspective concerning infant salvation. The next section assesses pertinent scripture passages on infant salvation. The section focuses on four biblical texts, namely 2nd Samuel 12:23, Matthew 19:14-15, Deuteronomy 1:39 and Revelation 20: 12. These passages explain correlations and principles necessary to formulate infant salvation theology. In the Theology for Infant Salvation section, the paper formulates a theology that provides the salvation for children who die in infancy. Notably, the formulated theology maintains an infant’s total depravity, allow divine election and provide for regeneration. Additionally, the correlation section validates the theology for salvation of children who die in infancy. Validation employs three biblical doctrines, including infinite atonement, age of accountability and final judgment. Based on these postulations, this paper affirms salvation is provided through regeneration by the Holy Spirit, divine election and atonement of Christ. Accordingly, children who die in infancy may be elected, sanctified and regenerated to benefit from redemption.

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