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Legalization on light drugs. Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the task was about research on legalization of light drugs


Legalization of Light drugs use:
Pros and Cons of Light Drugs Legalization (e.g. Marijuana)
Cleon Lewis
Political Science 304
Professor McRidis
February 16, 2015
Discuss Pros and Cons of Light Drugs Legalization (e.g. Marijuana)
Pro or against, drugs are agreeably a major influential force in our society today; therein yielding the debate on the need to legalize light drugs and as expected, stirring numerous controversies with both proponents and those in opposition vehemently putting forth their views as observed in the subsequent paragraphs of this essay. Light drugs or commonly known as soft drugs is a group of psychoactive drugs that are believed to be non-addictive. Or rather, mildly addictive and do pose less dangers after its use as opposed to the Hard drugs, which similarly are psychotic drugs but are extremely addictive and are perceived to be especially damaging to the entire health of the user indiscriminately. The word light in the moot topic implies that the drug causes no or insignificant harm to the user and marijuana being the ultimate epitome thus forming the basis of this thesis.[Jeffery A. Miron. The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition, (2005, June) (accessed June 7, 2010).]

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