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Pastoralism In Kenya Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the Instructions were to research one topic from a list. for the chosen topic the student was to to describe how it came into existence, its changes over time, and its future existence. The paper was to have three major components: an overview of what other researcher have done, an in-depth view if the topic, and a conclusion.
the topic chosen was pastoralism , particularly in Kenya. The introduction touched on the various issues about pastoralism worldwide addressed by other writers. the body went into the specifics of pastoralism in Kenya, the challenges, how pastoralists are coping, and the future prospects of the practice in the country.


Student’s Name
Pastoralism is a broad topic that has been a topic of interest for researchers globally, tackling various aspects of this way of life. Morland (2017) focused on the present state of pastoralism in Kenya and speculated on its future. In the article, the author looks into pastoralism from a global context, highlighting its importance before concentrating on pastoralists in Turkana, Kenya. Okoti (2019) explored the various survival strategies used by pastoralists in Kenya to cope with climate change. The author also evaluated the sustainability of the adopted strategies. Boles et al. (2019) focused on the history of overgrazing in Kenya and the various perspectives on its cause and effect. The author presented, among others, the historical background of pastoralism in the nation. Guyo (2017) focused on the impact of colonial and post-colonial changes in pastoralism and their effects on the roles and status of pastoral women in northern Kenya. The author focused on a unique aspect not explored by many researchers. King and Zwiebel (2014) concentrated on the transition experienced by Kenya’s pastoralist societies. The authors highlighted the various perceptions and factors that negatively affect pastoralism. This essay combines the information presented in the articles mentioned above to explore pastoralism in Kenya, focusing on the effect of colonization, the challenges pastoralists face in the post-colonial period, how they adapt to the continually changing environment and speculates on the future of pastoralism.        [Morland Anthony. “Climate change and food security” The New Humanitarian (2017)., 1] [Okoti Michael. “How Kenya’s pastoralists are coping with changes in weather patterns” The Conversation (2019)., 1] [Boles, Oliver JC, Anna Shoemaker, Colin J. Courtney Mustaphi, Nik Petek, Anneli Ekblom, and Paul J. Lane. "Historical Ecologies of Pastoralist Overgrazing in Kenya: Long-Term Perspectives on Cause and Effect." Human Ecology (2019): 1-16.] [Guyo, Fatuma B. "Colonial and post-colonial changes and impact on pastoral women’s roles and status." Pastoralism 7, no. 1 (2017): 13.] [Kaye-Zwiebel, Eva, and Elizabeth King. "Kenyan pastoralist societies in transition: varying perceptions of the value of ecosystem services." Ecology and Society 19, no. 3 (2014).]

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