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Analyzing social media usage by a company Media Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper required writing a Case Study Report analyzing social media usage by an organization or influence of your choice. In this regard, this sample is about social media usage by KFC on different platforms such as twitter, facebook, etc.


Social Media Review
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February 2020
Table of Contents
toc \o "1-2" Introduction PAGEREF _Toc31978425 \h 1
Case Study Description PAGEREF _Toc31978426 \h 1
Discussion PAGEREF _Toc31978427 \h 3
Facebook PAGEREF _Toc31978428 \h 3
Twitter PAGEREF _Toc31978429 \h 4
Instagram PAGEREF _Toc31978430 \h 4
LinkedIn PAGEREF _Toc31978431 \h 5
YouTube PAGEREF _Toc31978432 \h 5
Conclusions and Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc31978433 \h 6
References PAGEREF _Toc31978434 \h 7
Recent developments in the Internet and web technologies produce interesting opportunities for both businesses and people. Currently, social media is regarded as the most popular online applications for content and services marketing, which has changed the lives of people dramatically. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a leading and popular brand and a restaurant chain that specializes in serving the best chicken recipes. Over the years, social media has played a major role in the success of this organization and has been used by its marketers to put the business ahead of major competitors like McDonald’s. Moreover, as Dyer (2013) mentions, the use of traditional media like newspapers and radio has become less popular following the rise of the Internet, particularly social media. This paper seeks to analyze the power of social media based on the case study of Kentucky Fried Chichen (KFC).
Case Study Description
There is a great need for the fast-food industry to reach customers quickly and become the key driver of global change and growth (Papasolomou & Melanthiou 2012, p. 321). KFC is among the major players in the industry who are making use of different strategies to reach and maintain its customers. As per Shah (2018, p. 1), KFC is recognized globally, and for this reason, it faces a major challenge of attending to a diverse range of customers from different backgrounds, and with various needs and expectations. However, KFC has smoothly overcome this challenge by understanding and using social media effectively. Still, the company faces significant competition from its competitors like McDonald’s and Subway, who also have an effective and significant social media presence, which can be seen in their huge number of followers. Therefore, to attract customers, the company promotes itself by adopting a series of activities and advertisings in all its markets globally.

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