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Historical and Economic Significance of the Agave Plant (Maguey) in Mexico (Research Paper Sample)


The instructions provided for the writer to research the Historical and Economic Significance of the Agave Plant (Maguey) in Mexico as provided in the guidelines. The sample paper followed the instructions and provided essential information on the rich historic plant in the past and even now. The sample also used o outdated source due to the nature of the information.


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Historical and Economic Significance of the Agave Plant (Maguey) in Mexico
Mexico has an extensive diversity of species, ecologies, and human values. Casas et al. (2016) estimate that Mexicans use approximately 7,000 diverse plant species. However, humans do not value all the plant species but acknowledge different qualities and products of explicit classes that fulfill their needs. Therefore, the significance of different plant species determines their value, which, in turn, influences how they are managed. For instance, the customary ecological importance and cultural values associated with the agave plant (maguey) have influenced its conservation. Since the pre-Hispanic epoch, Mexicans continue to value the agave plant as it provides food, medicine, and clothing (fiber), as well as having a significant religious function.
History of Maguey
Maguey or agave, which is also referred to as the century plant due to its prolonged existence, is a native species from the North American continent, which is currently grown in several nations across the globe. Agave belongs to the family Asparagaceae that has nine genera, about 300 species, and 102 taxa, which are consumed as human food. The species grow in arid, semiarid, and temperate forests and flourishes in agriculturally marginal lands (Stewart 2015). 

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