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Exploring the experience of BAME police officers to understand and end Racism in metropolitan police. (Research Paper Sample)


The paper aims to explore the experiences of BAME police officers in order to understand and end racism in metropolitan police.


Exploring the Experiences of BAME police officers to Understand and End Racism in Metropolitan Police
Topic Perspectives
The topic is exploratory; it seeks to gain insight into the problem of racism and its impact on police sector. In-depth understanding of racism i.e. its causes, manifestations and driving factors, avails opportunity of using appropriate measures to end it.
1 Introduction
Racism and racial discrimination are amongst the significant challenges affecting different sectors of economies. They create environments that adversely affect the BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) populations while granting privileges for the Whites (Bowling and Westenra, 2018). Combatting this problem has been a major issue, especially because of the historical legislative and policy frameworks embedded in institutional racism (Ray et al., 2018). In the United Kingdom, Law Enforcement is one of the most affected sectors. Even though this area is “hidden” and under-researched, the available evidence already suggests that the BAME police officers undergo discrimination, bullying, harassment, and other negative experiences related to the institutionalized racism in the Metropolitan Police culture (Tossoukpe, 2017). Therefore, this research proposal seeks to gain insight into the experiences of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic police officers.
1.1 Ethnic Minority Employment
In the past, Law Enforcement was perceived to be the role of the male gender; hence it was male-dominated (Tossoukpe, 2017). The representation of the BAME police officers was also considerably low. However, statistics indicate that it has been rising since records began. From 2007 to 2019, the total percentage of police officers from the Asian, Black, Mixed, and Other ethnic groups rose from 3.9 % to 6.9 % (Home Office, 2018). However, the diversity of the police workforce is still low. Data by March 2019 indicated that 93.1 % of police officers were from the White ethnic group, and 6.9 % were from other ethnic groups. Also, only 30 % of all officers were female (, 2019).

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