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Information Systems and Big Data Analytics (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper is about information systems and big data analytics. The main purpose of the research conducted in the paper is to determine the information systems that can be used in big data analysis. It explores the tools and information systems and programs that are effective in big data analytics for both business and other organizations. Big data analytics involves the use complex and sophisticated information sysyems in the analysis of data.


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Information Systems and Big Data Analysis
Big data analysis is a process in information systems management that involves a combination of systems and programs meant to analyze data including; structured, semi structured and unstructured data. The main purpose of data analysis is to analyzed data for complex and sophisticated uses such as data used in machine learning projects, predictive modeling and other advanced applications (Kale & Balan, 2016). Information systems that are used for processing and storage of big data have become a key component of data management processes in organizations today. There is an array of tools that are used to provide and facilitate big data analytics. Big data has become common and is applied in all fields as a new trend in the development of information technology. It has become an important driving factor that drives most information systems and provides solutions to issues faced with the use of technology and technological applications and programs in organizations.
Big data and Characteristics of Big Data
Big data is a broad term used to describe large, hard to manage volumes of data that are used in business and organizations on a day to day basis. These data can either be structured or unstructured or both (Kashyap, 2019). Big data can also be semi structured meaning it can be structured but on a partial basis. However, it should be noted that big data is not only about the type or amount of data but what organizations use this type of data and how the data is used in various information systems and structures in organizations. Depending on an organization, the definition of big data and big data analytics may vary. There are organizations that use structured big data while there are others that use unstructured big data. Other businesses or organizations may also use the semi-structured big data depending on their needs and purposes of the data
Big data is often categorized according to the three V’s of big data namely; Volume, Variety and Velocity. Big data analytics often deals with the analysis of large volumes of data. It is also concerned with the analysis of a wide range or variety of data.

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