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Analysis of The Velvet Underground (Research Paper Sample)


Answer the questions in 3-5 sentences. It might be helpful to have the worksheet in front of you while you watch and listen to the content. You can type you answers directly into canvas or upload a typed pdf.
The Velvet Underground Worksheet
The following questions apply to the documentary
1. What are some of the shocking topics TVU would sing about?
2. Describe the drumming style of Mo Tucker. How does her style influence punk music?
3.How is the song”Sister Ray” an influence on the punk movement?
The following questions apply to the song “Heroin”
4. How does the band create imagery through the music?
5. What is your opinion of this song? Do you like it? Do you think it is effective?


Student’s Name
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The Velvet Underground Group
The Velvet Underground was a New York City-based rock band famous for their excellent guitar sounds and informative lyrics. The band addresses various shocking themes, including drug addiction, prostitution, and sexual immorality. Its style inspired the 1970s and 80s punk and rock movements.
Moe Tucker’s drumming style was unconventional, starting from her gender to her performance. She was the first female drummer of the 1960s. Moe performed while standing up and kicking the drum on its side. She inspired punk music by following her desire and doing what she felt sounded right even though unconventional. Similarly, uniqueness is a defining characteristic of punk as it features distorted guitar sounds and performance that the society deemed unconventional.
The group’s song called “Sister Ray” significantly influenced the punk movement especially in terms of its theme. It was mainly political and anti-establishment. The music catalyzed formation of the punk band Buzzcocks, an English rock band by Pete Shelley and Howard Devoto.
The band created imagery using their music in various ways, such as being particular, sometimes weird, and appealing to all the five senses. In the “Heroin,” the band is more specific in their descriptions, making t

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