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The Stylistic Movement Used in A Space Odyssey Film (Research Paper Sample)


I would suggest that you look at the films of Stanley Kubrick for both his use of concert music as
well as popular music. I'm thinking specifically of 2001, The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and Barry
Lyndon. General biographies of composers will not be accepted as paper topics. Instead, think of
researching a particular aesthetic or stylistic movement, the history of a particular piece or genre,
or an analysis of one or two pieces.  In any case, evidence that you have listened to some of the
music discussed in your paper is essential. A brief description of one movement of a piece or its
equivalent will be required. Other topics such as the role of women as performer or composer,
the changes in patronage, changes in audience attitudes, or the role of technology will be
welcome. All papers must include a bibliography. All papers are required to include at least five
sources, one of which may be The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  Do not use
Wikipedia as a source.  The main text will be typed, double-spaced. ALL SOURCES, NOT ONLY
PAPER. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ENTRIES: Entries should be single-spaced, and arranged in
alphabetical order. Cite the author's last name first, then first name (in the case of multiple
authors, subsequent names should be arranged with the first name first, then last name). Include
in the bibliography all works cited directly in your text.  Also mention any source which has been
helpful when consulted, even if it was not directly cited. Use the New Grove Dictionary of Music


Development of concert music in a film
Music development has always been essential to every film since it helps to improve the audience's understanding. Among the films worked on by Stanley Kubrick include; A Space Odyssey (2001), the shining, Barry London, and A clock and Orange. To begin with, A Space Odyssey is a well-known soundtrack for a film that was released in 1968. This film shares the name with the soundtrack. This soundtrack is well known for the usage of many orchestral and classical pieces (Mark, 321). It has thus been praised for giving most of the classical music popularity. The Shining is another film work by Stanley. This is a psychological horror movie that concentrates on the influence of supernatural forces. Barry London is a periodic drama film that is produced by Stanley. It reveals various exploits that were well seen in the 18th century. Clockwork is a crime film which is produced by Stanley. It concentrates on the violence and crimes associated with youth gangs.
The stylistic movement used in A Space Odyssey film (2001)
A space odyssey is judged to be the best fictional film that makes use of science. This is because it concentrates on creation and destruction, technology, and human evolution. The film begins with times beginnings then moves to times where technology has been enhanced. The audience is made to experience the future where the recreation and creation age. This film engages the audience in a strange feeling of a man dying and being born again in a giant fetus. The style in this movie highlights the relation between the origins of humans in technology and destruction (Irena, 100). This movie shows o the dangers of technology and how this destruction is related to the origins of human beings. Destruction by technology and human beings' origin is much related as technology is invented by a human being and ends up destroying him in the end. Just like an art-house, this film is much of sci-fi. It masterfully uses visuals and music to keep the story moving and actively capture the concentration of the audience. It does not heavily use the dialogue to avoid creating boredom. The aesthetic design of this movie is very polished since it has been able to look at the realistic future happening currently in the world. The rotating sets are used in this film to show the surreal gravity of the spaceship is wrapped.
The aesthetics and colors used in this film have helped to maintain its beauty and effectiveness. The bright colors show the difference between the manmade environment and the natural beauty present on the earth. This movie helps the audience to have an idea of the artificial living space. This is well seen through the yellow bright colors that are paired with white and black. This shows the manicured environment. The red light is effective as it shows the evils and dangers present in the movie. This film has also made use of classical music which helps to add to the observation feel experienced by the audience. Music is very essential as it has significantly symbolized culture and its timelessness. These songs which are very chaotic and compelling have helped to create the original visual and mood of the movie which cannot be created by visuals. This movie thus creates a real connection between humanity in the world of space and technology.

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