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Methodology Used in Citizen Kane (Research Paper Sample)


At least 5 readings must be included in the bibliography (3 peer-reviewed articles and 2 books
(individual chapters accepted). 
o Only one film from class should be studied with a close analysis (as demonstrated in Fabe’s
book, Closely Watched Films).
 o Identify which methodology (1 of the 4 as proposed by Allen and Gomery) you intend to follow
for your research. You must select one.
 o Explain why you picked that methodology


Citizen Kane is an American film that was written and produced in 1941. It was done by Orson Welles and it received critics as among the best. This film is very advanced as the producer makes use of many elements in the narratives. He does this to capture the attention and the imagination of the audience. This is one of the outstanding things that were marked with this film and on its producer as well.
Montage used in the film
To illustrate the plot and the storyline of the film, it uses narrative elements, editing techniques, and sounds. This helps to bring the best side of this film although its plot is not quite captivating. Sounds in a film are used to symbolize various things like sadness fear, joy, and suspense. All these emotions are symbolized by various sounds in a film, which is created in many ways. The main types of sound used in a film are; music, speech, and noise. For instance, the world of the film is created in various sound techniques used in the “Breakfast Montage scene” (William 197). Non-digetic music is well used to illustrate how the relationship between Charles and his first wife change. Initially, the music in the background was very uplifting and romantic. The music then changed to be faster when these two began to argue on some things. The change of music from a romantic tone to very fast symbolize the hostile environment present in the scene. This creates a lot of tension especially by the use of non-diegetic music. These features have made Charles Kane to be grouped as the best movie due to its advancements. It is very advanced on the much work put into it compared to other films. From the cinematographer, editors, producer, and actors should be awarded for the perfect commitment for a quality film.
The camera techniques used in this film highly shoes how they were dedicated to risk for quality movie production. Lighting is highly used to put special focus on montages, camera positions, and certain characters. Orson also uses the deep focus technique. He does this by combining the cinematography and the lighting. This enhanced the camera to give out all the effects that had been desired. For instance, the deep focus is seen when loses control and becomes and suffers from personal isolation. This clearly shows the audience both contrasting times when Kane has power over space and commands it and when space has power over him. The creative potential of Hollywood technique is also well-utilized in this movie. This is seen when in some scenes when some images are wiped off by others on the screen. Creative techniques on storytelling are also well utilized in this film. This is well seen as this movie gives its characters enough time to make the story goes on. As the film continues, new segments keep unfolding to maintain the flow and the sequence of the story.
Methodology used
The methodology I selected as proposed by Gomery and Allen is aesthetics. I chose this method because it helps to bring on the beauty of people’s senses in each organization analysis they are involved in. This has not been left behind as it focuses on the beauty of various places to show reality. For instance, the audience is taken to a prohibited and strange place in marvel, Xanadu, and graphic palace (Brown, 14). The inside of this mansion is very surprising and the internal depths are as well. This skill also recognizes and appreciates the past. For instance, in the old Kane’s hand, a ball with snow cottage is held. There is also a series of flashbacks that have been used to show how real the film is. This highly shows how money and power cannot buy the real happiness required.

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