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Are Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy? Creative Writing (Research Paper Sample)


Are Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?


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Are Security Cameras an Invasion of Privacy?
Over the past decade, millions of video surveillance cameras have been installed by individuals, government organizations, and private enterprises not only in public places but also in private spaces. The deployment of the different forms of electronic surveillance can be justified by a number of reasons including preventing crime, detecting crime as it occurs, and reducing the fear of crime among citizens. The use of security cameras is also justified in that they help law enforcement officers with investigations after a crime has taken place, help in countering terrorism and aids in making better use of public resources. Despite the many reasons justifying the use of security cameras, it is also true that such cameras monitor individuals without either their permission or knowledge hence is tantamount to an invasion of privacy.
Security cameras have had a huge impact on society promoting public safety and protecting people’s right to liberty. Consequently, those who view surveillance cameras as not in any way invading people’s privacy note that safety and security concerns far outweigh privacy concerns. They argue that since the majority of security cameras are installed in public, they do not invade the private space of citizens. 

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