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Disaster and Risk Management in African countries Education Research (Research Paper Sample)


Impact of Poor Disaster and Risk Management Response Mechanisms on African Economies: Implication for Nigeria.
The paper selected South africa and ningeria for this assignment.


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Impact of Poor Disaster and Risk Management Response Mechanisms on African Economies: Implication for Nigeria
The importance of appropriate disaster and risk response mechanisms is increasing as the number of people affected by disasters increases. Natural and human-made disasters are a threat to the development of third world countries because they do not have sufficient and effective mechanisms in place to deal with hazards. Notably, the lack of preparedness in African nations for natural and human-made disasters such as drought, landslides, and floods are a threat primarily because when countries are faced with these disasters, people are left to die because of inadequate mechanisms and resources to shield them from the post-effects (Mafimisebi and Sara 847). Moreover, livelihoods are lost during a disaster, and the lack of response mechanisms leads to poverty and low economic development. Essentially, natural disasters hinder the development of African economies, which needs to be addressed.
Impact of Poor Disaster and Risk Management Response Mechanisms on Africa’s Economy

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