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Formulating Examples of a Literature Review (Research Paper Sample)


I have an assignment for you
it is a research assignment, and it is very important
please write a 3-page literature review
and please this assignment is very confidential, so please do not share this info with anyone
you can use the references attached and any interesting references you may find
and provide page number in the in-text citation, please if you have any questions, please reach out
THE PAPER entails a detailed literature review of existing peer-reviewed literature
in the field of EPC with a focus on process mapping, value stream mapping, and process redesign.


Literature Review
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Literature review
The area of EPC, and especially process mapping, value stream mapping, and process redesign, has continued to receive widespread attention from all sorts of commentators, but most valuably, researchers and scholars. This paper seeks to perform a review of literature that has addressed these EPC issues. The essence is to find agreement, contradictions, and the methodological strengths and weaknesses of the study approach to investigate the EPC facets. It is indeed a fundamental cause because it will help establish what new research is required to make the existing knowledge or evidence even more comprehensive. The research question that drives this literature review is; what are the primary considerations when managing complex projects within the construction sector?
Some studies have sought to inform the issue of primary considerations when managing complex projects by looking at the thinking styles of the project managers. One of the most vocal studies in this regard is Tullett (1996, p. 281). In this study, the researcher sought to accomplish a pair of tasks. The first was to draw to a fundamental aspect of cognition, which is thinking style. The second theme of the paper was to discuss the outcomes derived from assessing the validity of the assumption that in multiple projects, the managers are more likely to exhibit a higher level of innovative thinking style relative to a general manager (Tullett, 1996, p. 281). In pursuance of the objective, the researcher uses a meta-analysis of the existing body of knowledge.
Consequently, the investigator confirms his hypothesis. The researcher illustrated that a typical multiple projects manager is innovative and creative, which implies that he or she is potentially not much into detail. The structure of a project, stepwise approach necessitated in planning and managing complex projects successful Tullett (1996, p. 286). Even though the researcher, using a meta-analysis approach, can draw from as many resourceful evidence sources as possible, the method used is subjective, which means that the possibility of bias is essentially high, as witnessed in a similar study to that of Tullett (1996) by Russell and Udaipurwala (2000). Nevertheless, the researchers focused on the case of visual representation of project planning and control data. The main aim of the study was to present varied visual terms of construction project data with a view of improving the process of decision-making in the planning as well as scheduling phase of a project and analyzing performance to date during the execution along with the control phase of an initiative (Russell & Udaipurwala, 2000, p. 542). Considering this, it is right to express that Russell and Udaipurwala (2000) study advanced the knowledge presented by Tullett (1996). It is primarily so because the context covered by Russell and Udaipurwala (2000) might illustrate a higher level of thinking for project managers, which then manifest the creativity and innovativeness exhibited by project managers in complex settings. Like the study by Tullett (1996), Russell and Udaipurwala (2000, p. 542) also reviewed secondary sources to inform their research and establishes the value of visual representation in the planning and control of projects. Even though the study benefits from rich details drawn from a host of other tasks, just like the inquiry by Tullett (1996), the work by Russell and Udaipurwala (2000) suffers from the same problem; the researchers draw from personal insights, which implies a high likelihood of bias.

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