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American History History Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


The task was about the various epochs American went through as a nation. In 19th century, America had just gained INDEPENDENCE was struggling to establish itself and BUILD various institutions that would make offering of services to citizens possible. However, the issue of religion could not be ignored . The country decided to adopt a religious outlook and this can be seen in its CONSTITUTION which mentions the creator. then the issue of slavery came. a civil had to be FOUGHT between the northerners who did not support slavery and the southerners who felt it was necessary , ESPECIALLY to them because their TERRITORY needed a lot of labor. The ANTEBELLUM period saw drastic changes and improvements in women rights. girls could now go to school and women could vote, contrary to EARLIER epochs.


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American History
The American Yawp seems to discuss the historical era with features of both the advantages and the disadvantages. It explores orientation, themes, and approaches that enabled the United States to reform in the 19th century. American Yawp neglects to elaborate on the significance of text and subtext. The issues discussed address more on United States history that remains contemporary hence helping the reader to outreach different elements. The chapter discusses the experience gained and the challenges of United States history. Chapter ten to thirteen discuss core things based on religion, cotton farming changes, and sectional crises in the 19th century.
Religion and Reforms Chapter 10
The United States had significant changes, especially in the 19th century, in the part of religion. The drastic territorial changes, the political part, demographic, and the economic section affected life in America (Locke and Wright 150). The period had a belief favorable outcome hence interlinking politics to religion. The same period lack harmony due to industrialization sojourned with democratization due to race, gender, and class difference. Technology improved the means of communication—the class difference among white men due to increased urban migration.

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