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American Revolution History Research Paper Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


This was a research paper on the American revolution IN MLA STYLE


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American Revolution
American Revolution resulted in economic, political and social changes in the United States. For that reason, it affected United States citizens both positive and negatively. The primary positive effect of revolution is the independence of the United States from the British rule. In particular, the primary sources that demonstrate the leading impact include Lee Resolution (1776), Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776), Declaration of Independence (1776) and Bill of Rights (1791). These sources explain that way the revolution enlightened American residents to fight for their freedom and rights from Great Britain. For that reason, these sources represent the positive influences of the revolution to the United States citizens, and the country as a whole. Further on, the revolution led to changes in the role of women in the society and growth of American nationalism. On the contrary, the revolution resulted in negative consequences. For instance, it resulted in an economic depression because Great Britain reduced their American goods purchases, and at the same time selling their cheap manufactured goods in the American market. In the long run, citizens ended up selling less produce, and this reduced the overall income they got from the trade. In that case, it is clear that the revolution directly impacted the lives of the United States population. Though American Revolution brought many positive changes such as changes in the role of women, growth of American nationalism, and independence from Great Britain proved by documents such as Lee Resolution (1776), Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776), Declaration of Independence (1776), and Bill of Rights (1791), it also caused so much damage, and harm to individuals due to circumstances such as economic depression, and conflicts within families, communities, and states.

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