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How the Western World has Influenced Guinea-Conakry Culture (Research Paper Sample)


This paper looked into the influence of western world to guinea-conakry culture. the sample looked into the effects of westernization on art, food, music, school, and religion


How the western world influenced Guinee-Conakry's culture since 2000
The western world has been influencing Guinea-Conakry traditional African practices, both positively and negatively. It has created acculturalization and ensured improvement of the value system of not only Guinea society but also other African nations around West Africa. Culture is a way of life of a people that is carried from the first generation to the next. The effects of western culture concentrate on issues that concern the development of technology, marriage, type of dressing, arts, food, school, religion, education, political systems of the people in Guinea. In this light, this paper will use the internet and books in analyzing how western culture has had a significant influence on music, art, food, school, LGBT polygamy & Monogamy. The socio-cultural development in western Africa has created developments and crises. In most cases, it has generated extreme and antagonistic. There are various conflicts that Africans were faced with after the colonization. More have been witnessed in Guinea-Conakry since the 2000s. As a result, harmful cultural traditions were abolished, and new ones were introduced. Culture is critical in meeting the social and physical needs of the environment because virtues and values have been known as indispensable cultural aspects. The cultural advancement of a society has a direct relationship with the values/virtues.

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