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China (Asia) and Globalization History Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


It is impossible to discuss the concept of globalization without mentioning the United States and China and specifically the relationship between the two countries. Not to mention, the two countries have dissimilar political ideologies that oppose one another, by the very notion that they form the greatest partners in the global economic environment proves that globalization is feasible and is happening. Both China and United States face numerous challenges in the wake of globalization. therefore, my paper focuses on the role of us and china in globolization.


China (Asia) and Globalization
Deng Xiaoping and the Modernization of China
As a member of the Chinese communist party for most of his life, Deng Xiaoping is among the outstanding political figures in Chinese history especially on the current modern state of China. Deng Xiaoping was an active participant in the Chinese revolution, the formation of the people’s republic of China and foundations of socialist modernization that is currently practiced in China (Foot 81). His participation in the country’s revolution and his innovativeness and courage is highly regarded in China. Deng Xiaoping has one hand enjoyed numerous victories while at the same time facing several tests as a major figure in the Chinese revolution. Many a times during his career, he was subjected to undeserved attacks due to his rigid position of his ideologies. However, his rigidness heightened the levels of respect he enjoyed as a political leader and revolutionist in China. Ultimately he eventually attained a powerful political position in the country which shaped the county's history
Building on the relationship between China and the rest of the world was one of the most important philosophies that Deng had. During his reign, the local political, social, and economic systems were subjected to numerous changes. The main aspects of his reforms were centered on four areas, namely military, science and technology, industry, and agriculture (Foot 81). The introduction of changes in these areas was done by Deng with the aim of promoting the formation of a modern socialist market economy in China. His argument was that the levels of socialism that was practiced in China were basic and would not fully support modernization and industrialization of the nation. His ultimate goal was to introduce changes aimed at perfecting the concept of socialism to align it with the country’s characteristics through seeking the truth in the existing facts (Terrill 13). This approach to Marxism diminished the role of ideology in formulating economic decisions and policies. In his approach to introducing changes in the country, he emphasized that socialism did not imply sharing poverty and hence he was able to introduce the concept of market forces in the country. Deng argued that developing a plan for market forces was not the main difference between capitalism and socialism and hence to control economic activities it was imperative to introduce market forces and planning (Lampton 31).
Towards the end of the Chinese revolution, which was mainly cultural in nature, the economy of the country was grinding to a halt. There were numerous loses by the Chinese republic to the outside world, the citizens of China were afraid of arrests, and there was a looming threat of civil war. At this time is when Deng assumed the leadership of the country with the objective of managing these challenges and putting the country to a path of modernization. The most notable achievement by Deng was the promotion of economic freedom in the country. His ability to convince the leadership and the masses that economic freedom was central to economic development helped the country to establish policies that promoted economic development (Terrill 56). The eventual results were emergence of collective and private business enterprises that pumped money into the country’s economy.

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