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States and Religion (Research Paper Sample)


The Prophet Muhammad did not just found a religion. He and his successors also turned the Arabs from a collection of tribes to a state. Muhammad’s successors ruled an empire.
In the Byzantine Empire and in the kingdoms of Western Europe, kings and emperors embraced Christianity and indeed sought to make laws in line with Christian doctrine, but the Church nevertheless occupied a distinct sphere.
In about 1000 words, compare and contrast how state and religion functioned in the Christian world and in the Muslim world. You might want to consider the following questions, although you can consider other elements as well:
What role did religion play in establishing legitimacy?
What role did religion play in armed violence?
To what extent did Christian and Muslim leaders believe that their power flowed from God?
In the end, did monotheistic religions make states more or less stable?
Sources for the Essay
The textbook and all eCore information can be used to help complete the essay. Beyond the sources available in the course, at least three additional reliable sources must be used to complete the essay. Evaluate the sources critically and use only legitimate sources. Encyclopedias and Wikipedia are not legitimate sources - using them will detract from your grade significantly. For additional help evaluating sources, please refer to "Tips for Writing Essays," which is posted with the syllabus. Don't hesitate to contact your professor with specific questions about sources.
Guidelines for Writing your Essay
Please use the following guidelines for writing your essay:
The essay should be typed in 12-point font. Please use a simple, clean font such as Times New Roman or Palatino. Use 1" inch margins on all sides. The completed essay must be around 1000 words in length.
The essay is to be written following the rules of correct grammar and spelling, both of which will be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the essay. Be sure to edit and revise your essay as grammar and spell checks typically do not catch words used in incorrect contexts.
The essay must be original and analytical and must be careful to include well-thought-out responses to the questions posed in the assignment. Make sure to address ALL parts of the question.


Student’s name:
Both Islam and Christianity expanded in peace and violently. So none of the two religions is better or worse. In addition to that, both Christianity and Islam split because they were fighting for power.
Emperor Constantine brought to an end Christian persecution, and Emperor Theodosius made Christianity official religion of the Roman Empire state. An emperor by the name Theodosius Christianity to be the official religion of the Empire (Gibb-2017). Christianity greatly influenced Byzantine Empire. The type of Christianity that was practiced in Byzantium was Eastern Orthodox. The head of the church was called a Patriarch. In major empire cities, there were some men known as bishops. Emperors had powers over the church in the Empire of Byzantine. This is because they chose the patriarch. The pope, Catholics in the West, and the Rome spiritual leader never agreed. Byzantine emperor was never safe.
Muslims have a belief that Islam is a Faith that always exists and that it was revealed to humanity by several prophets, but a complete and final revelation of their faith was made through Prophet Muhammad in 17century. Muslims reads a scripture named Qur'an.T heir clear Muslim message is ‘There is no God than Allah. According to Muslims, Prophet Muhammad is more significant than all the other Prophets.
Muslims believe in the Prophets that are mentioned in Christian traditions and the Jewish, including Moses, Noah, Abraham, and Jesus. They believe that all the prophets had one universal message of worshiping only God, without sons or daughters or partners. Around the world and throughout history, on-Muslims have respected and honored Prophet Muhammad. He is considered to influence both secular and religious matters. Muhammad is said to have taught Islam a way of life, launched an empire, set moral codes among others.
State and religion in the Christian world
People who under Byzantine Empire considered themselves being Romans, but the empire culture changed over centuries (Kaegi-2015). Incorporation of Christian and Greek culture transformed into a Byzantine culture. In addition to that, the Empire got influenced by Coptic, Latin, Armenian and the Persian cultures. It was later influenced by Islamic culture. A core character of the Byzantine culture is Orthodox Christianity. The Byzantines community was so religious. A family was in the middle of society( Lingas-2019). The relationship between the church and state was the form of institution of the relationship between political and religious spheres. The relationship has dominated in the state and the religion attempting to separate them. There are some ways which religion and state relate: State dominate and uses religion for their purposes. Secondly, religion dominated the state. More so, there was the separation of state and church, where there was religious freedom, and all religions treated the same.
State and religion function in the Muslim world
The 1st Islamic State was a political entity, and it was established by Prophet Muhammad in the year 622 CE. It represented Muslims political unity. Muhammad has two decisions that are fighting the invading Non-Muslim armies away from Medina or waiting for them to enter into the city. After consultation, it was suggested that it would be better if Muslims would fight Non-Muslims around Medina by constructing a large ditch in the Medina North for the purpose of preventing the entrance of enemies to Medina.
The Islamic religion scripture ‘Quran' do not talk about Judaism or Christianity. But the message is the same: God is one; the creator is single among many others. God is considered to have different attributes by the Muslims and Christians such as Almighty God, all-seeing God, among others. There are some key things that Christianity and Islam have in common-Both share geography which is Jerusalem- it is important to them all. Moreover, they share the common ancestor Abraham. Abraham was the founder and also the Patriarch in both. Furthermore, the languages are very alike that is Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic….Ideas are very alike and the fundamental effect of belief in God, that God is the creator.
Apart from some differences in God's notion, the social justice idea, the common good is shared among in both Muslim and Christian religion. In the Muslim situation, there is no church. There are no priests that are ordained.
Role of Muslim religion under Muhammad in establishing legitimacy
Due to the rise of Islamic movements and parties, the religion role in the legitimacy of the rules requires further examination. Islamic religion created a comeback and pressed against secularist, and the impositions in those countries are not intriguing or surprising. Can the religion play an important part in political legitimacy and at that same moment force for pluralism and inclusion? The main argument concerning Islamic role is elaborated in terms of separation of politics and religion. Politics and religion were joined in Muhammad's time. After some time the synthesis collapsed and later replaced by increasing rulers' separation from Islamic Law legitimation.
Role of Christian religion under the Byzantine Empire in Western Europe in establish legitimacy
Emperor Justinian ruled the empire of Byzantine from 527 CE to 565CE. He reclaimed most of the Western Empire in his reign( Lee-2015). He also created upon the Roman ideas by putting forth a unique legal code. Before his reign, the Roman laws differed from location to location and most contradicted each other. During his reign, many among the most important buildings and art work were completed. Christian Expanded in the Romanian Empire until it became the dominating religion in the empire which repla

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