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The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s (Research Paper Sample)


The task on this essay was to examine the most important political or social movement formed in the twentieth century.
from the research i did, the civil rights movement of 1960s seemed to be the most important movement.
Therefore my essay examined CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT OF 1960S.
the referencing style required by client was mla
number or words needed - 275-350 words
number of sources-3


Instructor’s Name
The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s
There are many social and political movements that were formed in the twentieth century. However, the Civil Rights movement stands out to be the most important movement that was formed in the twentieth century.
As a point of departure, it is without doubt that the Civil Rights movement granted the Black Americans equal rights like other residents of the United States. Even though the Civil War helped to abolish slavery, still there was racial discrimination (Bloom). Thus, unlike before, through Civil Rights movement the Black Americans were allowed to vote, hold leadership positions and equally access public facilities like other Americans.
Also, the lives of youths were transformed to better. Youths from various walks of life participated in the Civil Rights movement and were drawn into turmoil of violence, meetings, imprisonment and marches. However, through participating movement, youths picked practical skills that later shaped their lives. Many of the youth activists ended up becoming professors, lawyers, politicians and even leaders of other social movements (McMahon).
The movement also fought for the equal gender rights. Before, women were not only engaged in the American government but also were sexually harassed and discriminated based on gender (Wolfe, and Jennifer 444). As a result, women actively participated and played crucial roles in the movement to claim for their gender rights. The Civil Rights movement acted as abridge to some of today’s rights which women enjoy.
In my personal identification, educating women and even allowing them to take charge is what as a family we advocate for. I and my siblings we only have one parent, our mother. She is a graduate teacher and my sisters are all in school. Our mother is a principal and has

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