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Physical Geography Life Sciences Research Paper Essay (Research Paper Sample)


Type of Paper: Essay- College Essay
Topic: Research Paper
Pages: 5 Pages / 1375 words
Discipline: Geology
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Format or citation style: MLA
Paper Instructions Nations Assigned is Bolivia, Uruguay


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Physical Geography
Physical geography (otherwise called topography) is one of the two fields of geology. Actual geology is the part of regular science that manages the investigation of cycles and examples in the indigenous habitat, for example, the air, hydrosphere, biosphere, and geosphere, instead of the social or constructed climate, the area of human topography. It covers different types of highlights that are normal. The above type of highlights is talked about under different parts of topography. The physical geography parts include geography, hydrology, glaciology, biogeography, climatology, meteorology, paleogeography, coastal geology, oceanology, quaternary science, scene nature, geomatics and ecological geology. They usually vary from one region to the other depending on the various factors that are going to be discussed in the section below. In this paper, the significant accentuation would be on examining and differentiating the physical geography in Uruguay and Bolivia while tending to human cooperation and ecological issues in the two nations.
Based on climatology, it has been found that the two countries usually face a similar form of temperatures throughout the year. From the research that has been currently taken from the two countries, it is clear that the average temperature for the whole year ranges from 11 degrees Celsius to approximately 31 degrees Celsius. The temperatures depict that the regions usually have low-temperature seasons and others with high temperatures. During the low-temperature regions, the countries experience heavy rainfall. At the same time, it is clear that the two regions experience rainfall throughout the year (da Silva & Hussein, 44). Due to such, the two region's habitats tend to engage in agricultural activities. The above is a result of the two regions having favourable and conducive conditions. From the argument, it is clear that the environmental conditions positively influence the region's climatology.

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