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Research and Discuss the Podcast Activity of Blackhoes (Research Paper Sample)


Discuss the podcast activity of blackhoes

Podcast Activity – Black Holes
A black hole is an object whose entire mass is confined to a zero volume. It has no visible finite volume and thus can only be described by its virtual Schwarzschild radius. The concept of this radius helps to determine if a given body is indeed a black hole and also its mass. There are mainly two types of black holes. Ordinary black holes that forms at the center of an exploding supernova and supermassive black holes which occurs at the center of a galaxy. Astronomers can pinpoint the position of a black hole by observing nearby stars.
Warm holes are also predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity. They represent regions in space that can be considered as the beginning and the end of a space bridge that offers considerable reduction in space time travel. However, they are characterized by instability, exotic matter and dangerously high radiations. The predicted warm holes are unstable and small but research has shown that warm holes containing exotic matter can stay for long and are viable for space travel considerations. To date no known warm holes exist.
The theory of the multiverse is a postulation of String theory and ...
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