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Individual Ethical Egoism (Research Paper Sample)


the task was to respond to the below question.
q. Should indivdual ethical egoism be refuted? discuss
Number of sources- not specified
number of words- 300-350words
referencing style-mla
academic level-undergraduate
Therefore, attached essay responds to the question provided by the client following all the instructions


Instructor’s Name
Individual Ethical Egoism
Individual ethical egoism grips that all persons serve an individual’s self-interests (Sharaf and Seyyed 37). The theory is concerned with personal behavior. Therefore, whether individual ethical egoism is to be refuted depends on the following urgings.
Firstly, individual ethical egoism can be refuted if it is mistaken in truth. A normative theory is said to be mistaken in truth when it contradicts altruism (Sharaf & Seyyed 39). For instance, Jane and Judy can be eyeing for the same writing job. Then, according to individual ethical egoism, it is wrong for Jane to apply for the writing job. Instead, she supports Judy in applying. Conversely, it is right for Judy to apply. Applying for the writing job is wrong for Jane but right for Judy. Jane is barred from applying and yet she wants the job. It contradicts altruism and brings solipsism (Sharaf and Seyyed 39). Therefore, the individual ethical egoism is fallacious in truth and thence refuted.
Secondly, the ethical theory can be refuted based on interpersonal decisions that are beyond egoism (Sharaf and Seyyed 40). At this point, the incompleteness of individual ethical egoism is charged. In the above example, an interpersonal decision will be needed if Judy fails to fulfill all the requirements to be accepted as a writer. The impartial hirer will find it hard to decide whether to hire her or not and yet she is the only applicant. Individual ethical egoism does not explain how to get out of this situation. Thus, this theory does not provide a mechanism for resolving a conflict, making it incomplete.
Lastly, individual ethical egoism can be refuted based on inconsistency (Campbell 252). From the above example, Jane ca

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