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Research paper on technological controversy. Technology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Write about technological controversy in contemporary society. use both academic and recent non-academic sources such as newspaper articles but not wikipedia. use mla but include even year.


Research Paper
Electronic cigarettes use, or widely known as vaping, has become a considerably controversial issue from political, sociological, scientific, psychological, and among other societal perspectives. The controversy of the issue partly emerges from the fact that different people regard vaping differently based on their own views (Glantz and Barenham, 2018, p.215). From the perspective of smokers, e-cigarettes create an entirely new value proposition and it is considered as less harmful relative to conventional smoking. Vaping is also considered as emitting a gas that is similar to conventional smoking when inhaled, but still considered as having less of a strong and disturbing smoke and odor as the conventional cigarettes. Further, e-cigarettes are regarded as having less smoke that contains different flavors that are considered missing from the traditional cigarettes (Benowitz et al., 2017, par. 3). Nevertheless, the user of e-cigars inhale aerosol that contains nicotine and other chemicals. Nicotine, especially, is regarded as having properties that gradually warp the ability and functionality of the brains of an individual, regardless of the amount of intake of nicotine. Further, cartridges of e-cigarettes are considered as having a solution that contain, nitrosamine, diethyl glycol, and among other harmful chemicals that are toxic to users of these cigars, even more that the conventional cigars (Nelson, 2020, par. 7). I chose this topic because of the wide-ranging effects that e-cigars have on society, which makes it even more controversial, thus necessitating an analysis and discussion of the matter in a conclusive manner while weighing each side of the divide.
Firstly, I will recognize the scholarly and non-scholarly materials in the source methodology that I will use in my paper in terms of their contribution to the wider discussion on whether to ban e-cigars. Secondly, I intend to explore the different sides of the argument in the research results, that is, the arguments in support for vaping, and the arguments against the use of e-cigars, in reference to the societal aspects such as economic, sociological, religious, and among other aspects. 

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