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The Efficacy of Two Irrigation Methods in Providing the Tubers (Research Paper Sample)


There is an increasing popularity of sweet potatoes in America, which is the subject of this research paper. In dry seasons, a farmer can begin irrigation depending on the amount of moisture absorbed by his plants and perhaps decrease over-irrigation to provide a more efficient input system. A drip irrigation system and a sprinkler irrigation system are the two most commonly used irrigation methods for this crop. Specifically, this study compares the efficacy of these two irrigation methods in providing the tubers with the additional moisture they need.


Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation on Sweet Potatoes
Nowadays, sweet potatoes are becoming popular in America; their intake increased by approximately 42 % from 2000 to 2016, hitting a staggering 7.2 lbs. per capita (IOWA State University). A surge in demand for these tubers is a consequence of the growing awareness of the potato's health advantages. Farmers should exploit this rising consumption to boost their crop yield. Growing this tuber with the proper irrigation technique is the surest way to increase production. When lengthy dry periods prevail, the crop requires extra irrigation, and the right amount of supplementary hydration must be determined and delivered. During dry seasons, a farmer can start up irrigation depending on the total amount of moisture absorbed by the plant and possibly decrease over-irrigation to facilitate general input efficiency. Experts suggest that this crop's two prime irrigation methods are drip and sprinkler irrigation. This research compares these two irrigation methods, especially their efficacy in delivering the needed supplemental moisture for the tubers.
Drip Irrigation
Drip Irrigation is conceivably the most effective mechanism for delivering water and nutrients to sweet potato crops. This technique enables water delivery straight to the plant's root, enriching it with vital nutrients and elements that promote its successful growth. Moreover, drip irrigation is worthwhile because it ensures the appropriate water and nutrients and the proper period of method application. This approach helps growers increase harvests while conserving water, fertilizer, and energy. Thus, water and fertilizers are distributed around the farm via pipes, "driplines," equipped with tiny devices called "drippers." The dripper generates an amount of water and nutrients to distribute evenly to every plant in the whole system. A lack of soil moisture limits sweet potato maturation significantly since its deficiency compromises storage root development and production. Therefore, the irrigation schedule and the moisture volume are critical elements in successful and sustainable sweet potato farming (Felix et al. 1012). The effectiveness of drip irrigation in controlling and scheduling soil moisture makes it one of the most effective ways of irrigating sweet potatoes.
Sprinkler Irrigation
Sprinkler irrigation is a technique comparable to rainfall because it administers water from above but in a regulated fashion. Prominent farms use pumps, regulators, pipelines, and sprinklers to distribute water. Sprinkler irrigation systems are available for household, commercial, and agricultural applications. This approach is similar to how one may water their grass or kitchen gardens at home — standstill with a hose and sprinkle water in all directions (Water Science School). Currently, many farms employ large-scale jet irrigation methods. Water Science School) or a center-pivot network that covers the farms in a circle. Installation can be as simple as extended pipes with sprinklers running along their length. High-pressure overhead sprinklers supply water from a centralized position on the farm to support them in improving and maintaining plant output in low rainfall seasons (Farmbizafrica). Annually, this county produces around 500 metric tons of sweet potatoes.

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